How To Delete Files And Folders With ForceDelete

ForceDelete is a free Windows utility that can unlock and delete files and folders which are in use or open. This is useful when sometimes files and folders aren’t getting deleted because they are still locked by other processes long after being edited or opened.

files and folders are locked and can't be closed or deleted
Download and install ForceDelete from here. It is also available as a portable setup that can be run from removable drives.

ForceDelete is a free Windows utility to download and use
Once installed, the ForceDelete interface will load. The options for deleting files, closing processes, shredding files, and using the context menu can be enabled or disabled from the main interface here.

ForceDelete interface

You can directly drag-drop files and folders to be unlocked or deleted or use the context menu.

context menu with ForceDeleteTo unlock or delete the files and folders through the context menu, right-click on them and choose Force Delete or Unlock by ForceDelete. Click on the prompt to confirm. The open files and folders will be deleted or unlocked based on the options.

deleting locked files and folders

You can also use ForceDelete from the Windows command prompt, simply add the files or folders to be deleted or unlocked next to the command.

using ForceDelete from Windows command prompt

It will open the interface and the prompt to delete along with it as before.

This is a useful Windows freeware and lightweight to use.

All done.

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