How To Change The Position Of Windows 11 Taskbar

One of the biggest changes visible with Windows 11 is the position of the taskbar. It, by default, is now at center instead of the left side as it was with the previous Windows versions.

windows 11 taskbar by default is at the center
However, it can still be changed to have it aligned to the left side as before.

Here is how:

Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings.

accessing taskbar settings
It will open the Personalization > Taskbar settings for Windows 11. From the bottom of that page, click on Taskbar behaviors.

personalization settings for windows 11 taskbar
There will be an option of Taskbar alignment, with the default being Center. Click on it and change this option to Left.

change the taskbar alignment in windows 11
The taskbar will now be aligned to the left.

taskbar aligned to left instead of center
There are a few other taskbar options too here that can be changed like automatically hiding it, turning off the unread messages counter which is by default displayed there, and using the far corner of the taskbar to show desktop.

other taskbar behavior settings

All done.

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