Mix Pages From PDF Documents And Reorder Them With PDF Mixer

PDF Mixer is a free offline tool that can mix pages from different PDF documents, reorder pages in a PDF document, insert blank pages, insert other document types like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even images.

Download and install it from here.

PDF Mixer homepage

After installing, on the first run, there will be a brief help tutorial as a pop-up. The interface is simple with a blank area on the left to add the files and a preview pane on the right that can be turned off if needed.

PDF Mixer interface

The menu at the top is for performing different functions related to the added PDF document.

The interface language can be changed from the Language drop-down menu.

changing the interface language

To edit a PDF file, click on the open icon or drag and drop it in the PDF Mixer interface.

adding PDF documents to PDF Mixer

There will be a prompt to add another PDF file if needed.

multiple PDF documents can be added

The Filename column in the interface lets you know if there are multiple files added and helps in keeping a track of them.

Reordering pages and inserting documents:

After the source file is added, initially the column for Original Page Number and New Page Number will be the same.

To move the pages around or reorder them, hold the Ctrl key and choose the pages. Then click on the Move up/down buttons from the menu to reorder them.

reorder pages within a PDF document

You can also enable the Drag Mode, doing so you can move a single page up or down anywhere in the PDF file. When Drag Mode is enabled, multiple selections of pages won’t be available; instead, the cursor will change to a vertical arrow that can change the location of the selected page.

using the drag mode in PDF Mixer

Pages can also be deleted from the menu.

There is also an option of selecting two pages and interchanging their positions. Select the pages and click on the 2-page switching button.

2-page switching

To insert documents of different types like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images, click on their buttons and select them.

inserting Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other types of documents

They will then be inserted and the Filename column will show the name of these added documents.

importing a Word document

importing an Excel file

Similarly, on adding blank pages, the Filename column will display blankPage as the file name.

Filename shows the different files added to PDF Mixer

more than one file added

Images too can be added, and they will be auto-converted to PDF.

Processing documents with PDF Mixer:

When the documents are reordered and finalized, save the changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom.

processing edited PDF file

PDF Mixer will process the document. Also, if a password is set, then it will be required when accessing this processed document.

password protect option in PDF Mixer

PDF Mixer is a free and handy PDF tool like others to merge different documents into PDF, reorder the existing documents and delete pages.

Do try it out.

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