How To Use The Microsoft Outlook Add-on For Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has an official add-on for Outlook by which you can directly check for emails and schedule events without opening in a new tab.

Download and install it from the Edge Add-ons page here.

Microsoft Outlook Edge add-on

adding Outlook add-on to Edge browser

After it is added, initially the add-on icon would be grayed out.

add-on icon grayed out initially

Click on it and log in with your credentials.

signing in to from the Edge add-on

It will display the Outlook inbox as a drop-down. inbox from the Edge add-on

To compose a new message, click on the + button.

composing new messages using the Outlook add-on

If there are any new messages or unread emails, the add-on icon will display a red dot.

unread messages indicator for the add-on

You can also access People and Calendar by clicking on their icons from the bottom.

accessing calendar from the Edge add-on

To add a new event to the calendar, click on the + button.

adding a new calendar event

Similarly, the Microsoft To Do list can be viewed by clicking on the To Do icon.

accessing To Do list from the add-on

Configuring Outlook add-on settings:

To enable the Outlook add-on for use in InPrivate window, right-click on the add-on and choose Manage Extensions.

accessing add-on settings
Then, enable the option of Allow in InPrivate.

enable the add-on in InPrivate windows
It is a useful add-on for managing emails and events without keeping open in a separate tab.

All done.

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