Share Photos With The Google Photos Partner Sharing Feature

Google Photos has the option of sharing your photos library with a partner. This is the Partner Sharing feature. A prerequisite for this is the partner account should be a Google account too. Also, the photo library can be only shared with a single partner.

Here is how to use it:

Login to Google Photos and click on the Settings icon from the top right.

accessing google photos settings

Choose Utilities.

google photos utilities

There will be an option of adding a partner account. Click on Get Started to begin.

adding a partner account in google photos

setting up google photos partner sharing

Setting up Google Photos Partner Sharing:

From the contacts lists, enter the partner email with which you would like to set up sharing.

choosing a google account to add as a partner

It has to be a Google account otherwise an error message of an invalid email address pops up.

non google accounts can't be added as partners

Add the partner account and click on Next.

google account added as a partner for sharing google photos

Before sharing the library, there are a few options that you can choose from. By default, all the photos from your library will be shared. This can be changed to just photos of specific people. When this is chosen, you will need to select the faces of people from your library whose photos you would like to share.

Also, you can restrict the date from which the photos are to be shared.

changing the options of which photos to share

So to avoid sharing all the photos taken to date from your library, click on the Off drop-down menu under the OLDER PHOTOS section.

selecting photos to share from a specific date

Then set a date. Once set, photos that are taken only on and after this date will be shared. No older photos before that date will be visible to the partner.

setting a date after which all the google photos are shared with partner

Finalize the changes and click on the Send invitation button to send an invitation email to the partner.

finalizing partner sharing settings before sending an invite

You will also see the list of photos that will now be visible to the partner from the library.

photos that are shared using partner sharing

The intended recipient will get the partner sharing invite. Clicking on Accept will enable partner sharing.

invitation received for partner sharing

accepting partner sharing invitation

library of photos shared

After the partner accepts the invitation and sharing is enabled at their end, there will be a pop-up asking them to set up sharing from their side too. This is optional as the sharing is one-way by default.

enabling a two-way sharing of google photos

Removing Partner Sharing:

At any point, you can discontinue sharing your photos library. To do this, access the Google Photos settings as before. Then from the Partner Sharing section, click on Remove partner.

removing partner sharing in google photos

Confirm the choice and click on Remove. The library will no longer be shared. Also, the partner will not receive any notification about the removal.

partner removed from google photos

This is a useful Google Photos feature if you would like to selectively share relevant photos with someone without having to select manually and send them.

All done.

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