How To Turn Off Mini Menu On Text Selection In Microsoft Edge

When PDF documents are opened in the Microsoft Edge browser, selecting text in them will automatically display a mini menu. Through this menu, the text can be copied and highlighted along with some other options.

mini menu on text selection in PDF documents

You can turn this option off to stop displaying the menu pop-up on text selection in PDF documents.

Here is how:

Access Edge settings by typing in the address bar:


accessing Edge settings

From the right pane, scroll down to the Context menus section. By default, the option of Show mini menu when selecting text in PDFs is enabled.

turn off mini menu for text in PDFs

Turn it off.

Once done, open a PDF file in the Edge browser and select some text. The mini menu will no longer be visible.

mini menu when disabled won't show on text selection in PDFs

The main menu for selecting the text, zooming in and out, saving the document, and other functions will always be visible at the top of the document window.

main menu on top of documents in Edge browser

All done.

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