How To Set Google Photos As Gmail Background Images

Just like customizing Google Chrome themes, Gmail themes too can be customized. You can even use images from Google Photos for Gmail as a background.

Here is how:

Login to the web version of Gmail and click on the gear icon.

accessing Gmail settings

Next to the THEME section, click on View all.

accessing theme list

It will show the available themes that you can use. To add Google Photos as a new theme, click on My photos.

choosing a theme for Gmail

It will then show all the Google Photos albums associated with that Google account.

google photos can be used as a gmail theme

Choose an album and then the image to set as the theme/background image by using the Select button.

selecting an image from google photos for theme

The themes section will now have that chosen image from Google Photos on the list. To set it as a theme, choose that and click on Save.

images from google photos can be added as gmail themes

You can also toggle between a light and dark text background from here.

toggling text background color for themes

Gmail will now have that image from Google Photos as the background.

Gmail theme with an image from Google Photos

All done.

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