Open Multiple URLs At Once In Google Chrome

For opening multiple URLs in one go in Google Chrome, Bulk URL Opener Extension is a useful add-on. It can parse the added URLs and open them in separate tabs or windows.

Download and install it from the Chrome Web Store here.

Bulk URL Opener Extension in Chrome Web Store


After it is installed, you can pin it next to the Chrome address bar by clicking on the extension icon.

Extensions icon in Chrome

pinning Bulk URL Opener Extension in Chrome

On the first run, a brief tutorial page will show how to use the Bulk URL Opener Extension.

welcome page for Bulk URL Opener Extension once it is installed

Using Bulk URL Opener Extension:

Click on the add-on icon and copy-paste the list of URLs to be opened.

add-on icon for Bulk URL Opener Extension

adding a list of URLs to be opened

You can also export the list of URLs by clicking on Copy.

export the list of added URLs using the Copy option

To open them, click on the Open All button. By default, each of these URLs will open in a new tab.

multiple URLs opened in one go in different Chrome tabs

However, if you’d like them to open in different windows, that also can be enabled from the Settings section. To save the list of previously opened URLs, enable the option of Remember the URL List.

enable URL list history and change other settings

Also, if you have a long list of URLs but need only the first few to be parsed and opened, then change the value of those by enabling the option Open only the first 25 URLs (default count).

Other settings:

To configure other settings, right-click on the add-on icon and select Manage extensions.

accessing Bulk URL Opener Extension options

Then you can enable it for incognito mode.

enable incognito mode and other settings

For configuring other settings, click on Extension options. Most of the settings there are also available directly from the main interface of Bulk URL Opener Extension.

various settings for Bulk URL Opener Extension

The only additional option here is for changing the default icon look.

It is a useful Chrome add-on for opening multiple URLs from a list.

All done.

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