How To Use The Accordion Tab Feature In Vivaldi

Vivaldi browser has some great tab management features like host-based tab stacking and two-level tab stacking. With the new version 4.1, there is one more addition to this – Accordion tabs.

The Accordion tab is a single-level tab stacking feature that can expand and collapse stacked tabs. The collapsed tab stack / Accordion tab is of the same width as a regular tab but with multiple tabs in it. It is useful for maximizing the screen real estate when there are too many tabs open.

Enabling Accordion tabs:

As this feature is available only from version 4.1 of Vivaldi, first check the version by typing in the address bar:


checking version number

If the version is below 4.1, you would need to update to use this feature.

vivaldi version 4.1

Once updated, access Vivaldi settings by typing in the address bar:


accessing vivaldi settings


Open settings and click on Tabs.

accessing vivaldi tab settings

Then scroll down to TAB FEATURES in the right pane and enable the option of Accordion.

enable accordion tabs in vivaldi

Adding Accordion tabs:

After it is enabled, to add tabs as Accordion, select them by holding down the Ctrl key and left-clicking them.

selecting tabs to be added as accordion tabs

Just as with the previous types of tab stacking, to add them right-click on the selected tabs outline and select Stack selected tabs.

stacking tabs

It will add these tabs as Accordion and the tabs will be displayed differently from the other tabs by having an outline over them.

accordion tab has an outline over it

As the name suggests, like an Accordion these tabs will expand and collapse by clicking on the arrow next to them or double-clicking on the stack.

expand and collapse arrow for accordion tab

When collapsed, these tabs will be visible as a single Accordion tab with a number next to them that indicates the total tabs stacked. You can also add other regular tabs by dragging them over the Accordion tab.

number of tabs stacked as accordion

Also, you can view these stacked tabs as a preview by hovering the mouse over the Accordion tab.

previewing accordion tabs

Removing Accordion tabs:

To remove all the tabs from the stack, right-click on the Accordion tab and choose Remove from Tab Stack.

removing accordion tab

Also, individual tabs that are a part of this can be removed or closed through the preview pop-up.

The tabs will now be visible as regular tabs.

tabs that were accordion are now regular

Another advantage of Accordion tabs is creating multiple such tabs. So, you can stack different relevant tabs as a single Accordion tab.

using multiple accordion tabs in vivaldi

This saves a lot of screen space as these tabs can expand only if you have to.

All done.

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