Apex Legends Tips And Tricks From A Real Pro Player

Apex Legends is a game that has been available to play for free on all platforms. However,the Apex community is constantly growing ever since the game was released. Even though the game has already crossed two years, gamers of all skill levels can enhance their mastery if they take the proper steps. By doing this, they will increase their possibilities of victory in the game.

One of the best ways to grow in this game is by following experienced performers and experts who have already seen success in Apex Legends.

So, are you looking for tips to follow that will take your game to the next level? If yes, take a look at the tips and tactics mentioned below, which have come straight from professionals.
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Go for armor first

Even experts sometimes start to lose the plot and start thinking that they are safe and out of danger once they finish an opponent team. Remember, nobody is safe in Apex until they are the only ones left in the game.

Once they kill the enemies, without wasting any time, players should start looting armor. If the enemies suddenly come in front of the player, they will have armor and shields, so they
should be ready to fight. Moreover, having full armor is way more significant than just picking a barely better gun.

Utilize ziplines when the numbers multiply

The players might come building on the battlefield, which has a few vertical ziplines, and this is among the right strategies to tackle many enemies. However, people who zipline up will only have to face a single enemy cabling to them at one time. Moreover, the player can kill enemies who are cabling by hopping from the zipline unexpectedly. Such buildings are
possibly the only place perfectly suitable to prevent or face more than a single enemy at one time.

Don’t kick the door to open it

A player might have the tendency to push the doors as soon as possible to obstruct players. Nonetheless, the door will not open if there is an enemy on the other side. The gamers can use the tactic of scaring the enemies by attempting to knock down the door, but they should never think of kicking the door to open it.

Look at main sites and entrances

In this game, movement is very crucial. Hence, gamers should utilize time to get used to the buildings and structures on every map. All the buildings come with their own numerous main locations and entrances. After having a better awareness of the map, players can begin to aim beforehand and predict peeks.

Lessen your sensitivity

Players who are fairly new to this game might want to become pro and aggressive players as soon as they reach the ground. But this isn’t possible in Apex Legends, as learning is going to take some time. New gamers should have control over their feeling of maxing out their sensitivity.

By keeping low sensitivity, new players will be able to feel for the recoil and aiming technique in the game. It will also guide the players to gain game sense, which is needed to be the winners in matches. In fact, there are many pro players as well who prefer to play the match on normal or lower sensitivity.

Keep an escape plan

Irrespective of where the players are on the map, they should always be ready for a gunfight. An enemy might suddenly appear and grab a gamer off sentry at any time. The expert players are always aware of the opponents and are prepared to flee from the whole team.

Go for smart engagements

Players shouldn’t approach to fight with every opponent they come across in the game. A professional player will analyze the likelihood of winning an engagement before jumping into it.

Opponents who hold an evident cover advantage are possibly not the best enemies to poke. Thus, patience is an important quality that every player should try to inculcate to get kills and be there in the game until the end.

Communication and teamplay

Communication is incredibly crucial in a game like Apex Legends, which demands timed movements. Each player needs to have keen observations and intentions till the end of the match. Teams of average players who have good communication will be able to overcome pro players with a lack of proper teamwork.


Following these important tips and tactics coming from professional players will surely improve your gaming skills in no time. Stay connected to us for more such content. Also, comment below in case of queries.

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