The Best Auto Tracking Cameras Of 2021

An increasing number of people are making video calls to connect with family and friends, more so nowadays when the menace of COVID-19 persists in society. Employers also have resorted
to embracing some hybrid working practice that sees employees working at home and collaborating through video calls. But to make these video calls, you need to first buy an auto-tracking camera from a reliable video conferencing supplier like

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An investment in auto-tracking cameras is undoubtedly worthwhile as they boast clearer image quality than the in-built webcams found in most desktops and laptops. However, the issue comes in deciding which is the ideal auto-tracking camera for your needs. If you’re dealing with such an issue, here’s an overview of the best auto-tracking cameras of 2021 to consider.

1. SimplTrack2

This auto-tracking camera for video conferencing calls is an excellent choice for making video calls through video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom. It features an integrated USB video output that’s perfectly compatible with the “soft-codec” computer-based video conferencing systems that can run on applications like Zoom. The SimplTrack2 comes with an auto-tracking feature that automatically follows your every movement as you’re making your presentation in front of the room.

Using the SimplTrack2 is simple and straightforward as you need to connect its camera to a computer via a USB and then choose its camera to be your webcam. For video of optimal quality, it’s best to use the 1080p capable SDI output that comes together with an SDI to USB capture card. Advanced features found on this camera include a combination of facial and motion tracking to make sure you appear inside the frame at all times. It also has a wide-angle reference camera which allows you to see the whole room.

With an internal memory of 64GB, this camera can store up to four hours of 1080p resolution videos. It can also sense and track you within the 50 feet range, making it an ideal choice for
conferences, webinars, and lectures.

2. Sony ZV-1

If you’re searching for a user-friendly auto-tracking camera, look no further as the Sony ZV-1 offers you just that. It comes with a stand out feature that outperforms other auto-tracking cameras and this is the 3-capsule mic that comes together with a windscreen to reduce the extent of wind noise. In addition, it has a background bokeh with a one-switch control giving you optimal flexibility to switch on or off the lighting softness.

The color science of the Sony ZV-1 is incredible, which ensures it does an excellent job taking care of vibrancy and natural tones. This visual flexibility gives you the freedom to opt for a broad
range of creative effects.

3. PTC500S PTZ Optics

With online classes becoming the norm nowadays, the PTC500S PTZ optics is usually considered the ideal choice. And it’s undoubtedly deserved as this auto-tracking camera features a classy design, the latest features, and advanced technology. Integrated into its design, you’ll find dual lenses, the panorama, and the 120º FOV that allows for PIP mode, thereby making sure your presentation is detailed during delivery. It also comes with three AI tracking modes: segment tracking, stage tracking, and wide-area tracking. Therefore, you can freely move around when making your presentation without fearing to move out of focus.

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