Quickly Get The Word Count Of Selected Text From Web Pages With This Chrome Add-on

Word Counter Plus is a Google Chrome add-on that can show the word count for the selected text from within a web page.

Download and install it from the Chrome Web Store.

install Word Counter Plus from the Chrome Web Store page

Once installed, it can also run offline and doesn’t need any extra permissions.

Word Counter Plus added to Chrome

To pin it next to the Chrome address bar, click on the Extensions icon and enable the pinning option.

extensions icon in Chrome

pin Word Counter Plus next to the Chrome address bar

Using Word Counter Plus is easy. Select some text from a web page and right-click. Choose Word Counter Plus from the right-click menu.

select text and right-click to bring up Word Counter Plus option

It will show a pop-up with the stats about the selected text.

word count and other text stats shown by Word Counter Plus

It includes word count, character count, average, and the longest word length. Click on OK to close it.

Word Counter Plus will work on most web pages except Google Docs and other online text/document editing tools because these will already have an option of displaying word count.

You can also enable Word Counter Plus to run in incognito mode. Right-click on the add-on icon and select Manage extensions.

configuring options in Word Counter Plus

Then turn on the option of Allow in incognito.

allow Word Counter Plus in incognito mode

It is a simple and offline word counting Google Chrome add-on that can immediately show text-related stats.

Do try it out.

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