Open And View Damaged PDF Files With This Free Tool

Corrupt PDF Viewer is a free offline tool that can open damaged and corrupted PDF files which otherwise are unreadable using commonly used PDF readers.

an unreadable pdf file when opened in a commonly used pdf reader

Besides that, it can also print and save the damaged PDF files as new PDF documents to make them readable.

Download and install it from here. It is also available as a portable setup.

Once installed, open Corrupt PDF Viewer.

Corrupt PDF Viewer interface

The interface is minimal and has options like opening a corrupted PDF file, saving it, and adjusting zoom levels and page fit settings.

To open a corrupted PDF file, click on the open icon or choose File > Open.

open corrupted PDF files in Corrupt PDF Viewer

The PDF file that before would have been unreadable will open as a regular PDF document for viewing in Corrupt PDF Viewer.

corrupted PDF file viewable in Corrupt PDF Viewer

You can then save it as a new PDF document by clicking on the Save icon.

saving corrupted PDF files as a new PDF in Corrupt PDF Viewer

Also, Corrupt PDF Viewer can export the document as images. To do that, choose Edit > Export to Images.

exporting pages as images in Corrupt PDF Viewer

Select the horizontal and vertical image resolution options and click on OK.

choosing image resolution for pages in Corrupt PDF Viewer

All the pages of the corrupted PDF document will be saved as individual PNG images.

pages from the corrupted PDF file exported as images using Corrupt PDF Viewer

Other than that, you can print the PDF document to a printer and change the page margins and zoom levels.

other options in Corrupt PDF Viewer like zoom levels and page fit

Corrupt PDF Viewer is a free and offline tool that could open most of the damaged PDF files that usually won’t open in the regular PDF readers.

All done.

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