Locate Open Tabs And Rename Windows In Google Chrome

With many tabs open in Google Chrome, it can be tedious to locate a particular tab. From version 88 onwards, there is a tab search feature that makes finding open tabs easy. You can also rename open windows in Google Chrome which makes it simpler to group tabs in different windows.

Tab search:

To use this feature, first, check the current version by typing in:


Any version from 88 onwards will have the tab search feature.

checking Google Chrome version

It will be a drop-down button at the top right of the Google Chrome window. To use the tab search feature, click on that button. It will open a mini window by which you can search for tabs by entering search terms for the tab.

Tab search feature in Google Chrome

The tabs matching the search terms will be displayed.

entering search terms for tabs in the tab search window

Also, the tabs listed will be grouped as OPEN TABS and RECENTLY CLOSED TABS. You can also close individual open tabs from the search tab window by clicking on the X next to them.

Naming open windows:

Other than that, you can also rename windows with tabs. It is useful when you have different tabs grouped under different windows to keep them organized. To name a window, select it. Then click on the Google Chrome menu icon and select More tools > Name window.

accessing the name window option in Google Chrome

It will open a pop-up for renaming the currently open window. Name it as needed.

giving an open Chrome window a custom name

The custom window name will now be visible.

Chrome window with custom name

It will also appear during the window preview from the system taskbar in Linux or through Windows timeline.

Name of the Chrome window will be visible from taskbar preview

Custom window name in Linux Mint taskbar preview


custom Google Chrome window name visible in Windows 10 Timeline feature

Custom Chrome window name visible in Windows 10 Timeline

These are useful tab management features in Google Chrome like the Reading list that helps in working with many open tabs easier and more efficiently.

Happy browsing.

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