How To Use And Customize News And Interests Widget On Windows 10 Taskbar

Windows 10 has now personalized content available on your taskbar with the News and interests widget.

To begin using it, all you need to is hover the mouse pointer over it by default.

News and interests widget icon

This widget will show you the latest news, information about weather, traffic, sports, and finance through a glance.

News and interests widget in Windows 10 taskbar


Right-click on the News and interests icon on the taskbar to change how the widget icon is displayed.

changing News and interests settings


It can be also be turned off from here. Also, if you’d like to disable it from being displayed whenever the mouse pointer hovers over it, click on Open on hover to turn off the tick mark next to it.

Using News and interests:

News and interests widget shows personalized content as per your preferences.

tailored News and interests widget in Windows 10 taskbar


It also has different information cards or sub-widgets like Weather, Finance, Sports, and Traffic.

You can change the location for getting weather and traffic updates for the Weather and Traffic information cards. Click on the dots icon next to them and choose Edit location.

setting a custom location for traffic and weather information cards

Specify a location to get the traffic and weather information for.

specify a location for traffic and weather information cards in News and interests

The default updates are for the currently detected location.

If you’d like to turn them off, click on the dots icon next to them and choose to hide them along with other information cards like Finance and Sports.

hiding the money information card in News and interests


hiding the traffic information card in News and interests

hiding the weather information card in News and interests


The news headlines displayed in the News and interests can be viewed in the browser by clicking them. You can also share them or choose to hide them by clicking on the dots icon.

sharing news stories from News and interests

When you choose the options like More stories like this or Fewer stories like this, the content will adapt and similar news will be shown or blocked depending on the choice. Also, the news articles can be saved and bookmarked by clicking on Save for later.

saving news articles from News and interests


Personalizing content:

To change what content to show based on your preferences, click on Manage interests at the top right of News and interests.

changing News and interests content preferences
This will open a My Interests section in the default browser. From here, you can choose to follow or unfollow various topics.

choosing various topics of interests for News and interests

Also, all the saved news articles will be accessible from the My Saves section.

accessing saved news articles in News and interests

It is not necessary to get only localized content. You can change the region settings so that you can get news and updates from different regions. To change this, click on the Experience Settings section.

changing the region and language settings for News and interests

Then from the Language & content menu, change the content and language for your feed. You can also turn off the different information cards from here.

To update the content to reflect the changes, click on the refresh button in News and interests.

update personalized feed in News and interests widget

This is a useful widget that makes your Windows 10 taskbar a lot more informative.

All done.

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