How To Take Screenshots In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a built-in basic screenshot feature that can snip portions of the web pages or take a full-page screenshot. This is the Web capture tool.

To use it, click on the camera icon next to the address bar.

web capture tool icon in edge browser

Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S or choose Web capture from the Edge menu.

accessing edge menu

web capture shortcut keys

When Web capture is accessed, there will be two choices: Capture area and Capture full page.

choosing what to capture using the web capture tool in edge

Clicking on the Capture full page button will take the screenshot of the active web page.

To select an area for a screenshot, click on the Capture area button. Then highlight it.

highlighting specific area for screenshot using web capture in edge

Web capture will show a pop-up through which you can copy the selected area to the clipboard and paste it into other programs like Paint and so on.

copy-pasting selected area into paint after capturing it using web capture

When Markup capture is selected, it will open the captured area in a basic editing window. It has a freehand tool.

basic editing area in web capture tool

From there, you can scribble using different colors and thicknesses over the selected area. To do this, click on the Draw drop-down menu and choose the line types as needed.

selecting colors and thickness for freehand scribbling in web capture

freehand drawings over the screenshot area in web capture tool

To undo them, use the Erase button. There are no other annotation elements like text and shapes though.

erasing the edits made to screenshots using web capture

To share the captured screenshot, click on the Share button. You can then share it via a link, add it as an email attachment, send it on social media, and so on.

sharing, copying to clipboard and saving options in web capture tool


A useful option here would be to first take a screenshot through Edge and then share it to Snip & Sketch as it has a lot more editing features than the Web capture tool.

sharing the screenshot with different applications

To save the screenshot locally, click on the Save button.

saving the screenshot locally using web capture

Web capture in Microsoft Edge is a useful feature for taking basic screenshots and sharing them.

Do try it out.


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