5 Best Online Video Editing Tools – 2021

The creation of social media also created various video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and others platforms. Before that, video editing was only about movies and serials and was commercially popular. Therefore, making videos was a challenging task, and opportunities were less than we have today. Nowadays, it would help if you had a computer or a phone with more RAM to edit videos by using some online video editor app available in online mode.

By using online editors, you do not need to download and install the software. You can edit videos online on Windows or Mac computers. You will need a good internet connection for no errors while you edit the video. Editing videos with online tools also requires high intensity to upload, and these tools help to download, adapt or even alter the speed. It suits for clipping short and small quantity video clips.

Moreover, online video editing explanations might not be the best choice if you require more developed editing choices and excellent video impacts, but it is the better option for beginners.
We will tell you about the top 5 best editing tools to do free online video editing adequately.

The software we will be mentioned in the list will be free and easy to use for beginners. Even if you are new to this and learning, then you can watch the videos and learn something new. On the other hand, if you are already a pro, the online software on this list will have some features that may help you edit your videos more precisely.


InVideo is a great video editing software with all features you need for basic editing. This online video editor is completely free to use. There are more than 3 million pictures and videos in their gallery. There are free-to-use video templates for different uses. You can make videos in other languages and have automated voice overs. You can select media from Invideo’s enormous library of dramatic videos and music. Get your videos saved freely in your gallery.

It helps you design music and graphics that accomplish and fulfill not only post but helps to achieve attention. InVideo’s online video editor gives a comprehensive range of audio and graphics. This software guarantees that your videos will look more vibrant and visually attractive. It supports Customizing the template as per your want. You can Alter colors, vibrance, growths, social media posts, contours, emojis, and patterns.


Clipchamp is a very well-known free online software and editing tool. This editing tool provides tools such as a video compressor, video converter, and webcam recording too. The unique feature of this online tool is an intuitive work platform that allows the new-buds to edit their video in very little time and save those videos directly to the computer or in their google drives. This editing tool is perfect for beginners.

You are required to sign up with your Google account or Facebook account initially before using this software advantage.


FlexClip is a free to use online editing tool. Unfortunately, FlexClip is a powerful software that has too many features. This online software not only helps you to edit videos quickly, but you will get access to their library with 2.5 million videos and stock images to use without copyrights in your videos. And such free videos and pictures are categorized very well in their genre. FlexClip’s facet ratio characteristic enables you to alter sizes and layouts to fit the ratios required for several social media arenas, involving Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Stories.


WeVideo is an online video sharing and editing tool. You can upload your videos and photos, but the best part is you can upload your music too. You can share and work on this online tool from social media sites such as Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Snapchat. In their gallery, you will find videos, pictures, and music to make your videos. But there are premium plans for professionals and business owners. Still, you can use music that is not premium.

There are different helpful video templates such as happy birthday, wedding, promotions, business announcements, etc. These features are very easy to use with many accounts at once. This editor has a drag and ropes feature, which is easy for beginners. Subscribing to the paid version, you can borrow the premium compressing characteristics such as green screen, etc.


Wedio allows you to use different features at the same time as many times you want to. There are no premium plans for using pictures, unlike other online tools; there are stock images such as cartoons, drawings, and other components.

You can upload videos in jpg, png, and gif format in short sizes. Background scores and music are not available on the editing tool, but you can upload your music. In addition, you can merge, crop, or cut video files quickly.

The editing features are easy to use and are limited not to cause any confusion. For example, you can use the webcam with an auto-recording part. And they don’t put any watermark on video while using this editor.

Wedio enables an individual to utilize the various components according to the needs of yourself, i.e., as you expect to generate your video and different from other websites’ content.

If one craves to download the video on your computer, you might need to promote your plan. On the other hand, if you want to expand your footage and save the correction videos on your desk, Wedio isn’t an available choice for you.


Today Social media marketing is essential for any firm and to make content for the media. It would help if you stayed connected with your public and followers to grasp their attention correctly. Using these above video tools, you can create and adapt more videos using various ratios and effects to make your content look good and enhance your followers’ attention.

Some of the free online video makers operate in both windows and mac. But they can be used for video editing on mobiles and tablets too. Most of them are free to use, but some software requires registration. Initially, to use the services of online video editing tools, few may remove the watermark in the free version; hence in short words, the conclusion is few apps having watermarks are irremovable without a premium update.

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