Organize Tabs As Bookmarks And Reduce Clutter In Firefox With Tab Stash

For managing open tabs and reducing their clutter in Firefox, Tab Stash is a useful add-on.

What this add-on does is stash a tab or bookmark it away from the active view. It also supports stashed tab groups in which you can store these tabs. Also, Tab Stash works flawlessly with Firefox Sync too, so all the stashed or bookmarked tabs through it will be synced and available on other devices too.

Download and install it from the Firefox add-ons page here.

Tab Stash Firefox add-on

After it is installed, it will be visible next to the address bar and the tabs.

Tab Stash next to the address bar

Tab Stash icon next to the open tabs

Stashing tabs and making groups:

When a new tab is opened but not stashed yet, Tab Stash will display it under the Unstashed Tabs section.

stashing open tabs using Tab Stash

To add it, click on the Tab Stash icon next to it or next to the address group. Alternatively, click on the icon with the down arrow next to it.

open tabs stashed and saved as bookmarks using Tab Stash

A new stash group will be created too with the current date. Once there are groups created, you can also directly drag-drop the tabs to be stashed to them.

different tabs stashed in different groups using Tab Stash

Managing stashed tabs and groups:

You can rename the groups as needed for better organizing.

renaming tab groups in Tab Stash

When the stash group has tabs in it, they can be opened directly by clicking on the green icon with the double arrow. This will keep the group intact.

opening all the stashed tabs in a group in Tab Stash

To open the stashed tabs and delete the group that they are in while doing so, click on the yellow icon next to it.

opening all the stashed tabs in a group and then deleting that group in Tab Stash

Also, you can open and delete individual tabs that are bookmarked or stashed in these groups by clicking on the yellow and the X icons next to them.

opening individual stashed tabs in Tab Stash

deleting stashed tabs from groups in Tab Stash

All the stashed tabs and their groups are searchable too. Click on the search box at the top and enter the search terms to find as needed.

searching for stashed tabs and groups in Tab Stash

Changing Tab Stash view:

By default, Tab Stash is visible as a sidebar on the left but this orientation can be changed. To shift it to the right side, click on the Tab Stash drop-down menu and select Move Sidebar to Right.

changing the orientation of Tab Stash sidebar

You can also turn off the sidebar and have Tab Stash available as a separate tab. Right-click on the Tab Stash add-on icon next to the Firefox address bar and select Show Stashed Tabs in a Tab.

viewing stashed tabs in a new tab in Tab Stash

tab view of all the stashed tabs in Tab Stash

Importing and exporting stashed tabs:

Tab Stash has options for importing and exporting bookmarks and different links. To import existing bookmarks or links, click on the menu icon in the Tab Stash sidebar and choose Import.

importing URLs and bookmarks to be added in Tab Stash

Then copy-paste the bookmarks and links to be imported.

copy-paste list of bookmarks and URLs for importing them in Tab Stash

To export the stashed tabs, click the menu icon and choose Export.

exporting stashed tabs and groups from Tab Stash

Tab Stash can export these tabs into different formats like Clickable Links, Clickable Links with Icons, List of URLs, Markdown, and OneTab.

When using the List of URLs option, only the links of the bookmarks will be exported.

choosing only the list of URLs to export in Tab Stash


When using the Clickable Links option, all the other details like the group names, the title of the stashed tabs, and the URLs will be exported.

choosing everything to export through clickable links in Tab Stash

This is a better option if you’d like to directly copy-paste the stashed tabs into documents.

text and URLs can be exported from Tab Stash

Other Tab Stash settings:

To configure other settings, click on the menu and select Options. From there, you can change the theme to dark.

changing the theme of Tab Stash

dark theme in Tab Stash

Also, options like Tab Stash behavior across different browsers and memory management can be changed.

other Tab Stash settings

This is a useful tab management and bookmarking add-on in Firefox that also supports vertical tabs. Microsoft Edge also has a similar built-in feature.

Happy browsing.

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