Insert GIFs, Emojis And Stickers With GIPHY Add-on

GIPHY – the popular GIF search engine is now available as a Firefox add-on too just like for Google Chrome.

Download and install it from the Firefox add-ons page here.

installing GIPHY add-on for Firefox

Once installed, it can be accessed from next to the Firefox address bar.

The GIPHY add-on has four different sections: GIFs, Stickers, Emojis, and GIPHY text.

Choosing GIFs from GIPHY add-on

GIFs: Click on the GIF icon and search to bring up different GIFs. Once it is selected, you can copy-paste the link to share it in documents.

adding a GIF from GIPHY add-on

It can also be dragged and dropped into a text input window like when composing email messages and chats in Firefox.

GIFs can be dragged and dropped from the GIPHY add-on

Stickers: Like GIFs, click the stickers icon and choose as needed after searching for specific stickers.

Choosing stickers from GIPHY add-on

Copy-paste the link or drag and drop the stickers into messages as with GIFs.

choosing a sticker from GIPHY add-on

Emojis: GIPHY add-on also includes a lot of cool emojis.

Choosing emojis from GIPHY add-on

To use them, click on the emoji section and choose as needed.

Choosing an emoji from the GIPHY add-on

Drag and drop these emojis into chat windows and messages or copy-paste and share the link.

GIPHY Text: Make your animated custom text stickers with this feature. Click on the GIPHY Text icon and enter a custom text.

Create custom stickers through GIPHY Text

It will be displayed in different styles.

Choosing a custom text sticker from GIPHY add-on

Select as preferred and insert it into messages or for greeting cards.

This is a useful Firefox add-on if you tend to use GIFs and emojis a lot. Directly search for them with this add-on and insert them into emails, chat messages, documents, and so on.

inserting GIFs, stickers, emojis and custom text stickers into emails through GIPHY add-on

All done.

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