How To Setup Different Profiles In Google Chrome

Having different profiles in Google Chrome can be useful to separate different browsing activities like work-related, personal, and so on.

Here is how to create these profiles when you already are using a primary Google account:

Open Google Chrome and after signing in with your original profile, click on that profile name. Then click on the gear icon.

adding a Chrome profile

This will launch the Chrome profiles setup process.

Setting up Chrome profiles

From here, you can add a new profile as needed. Click on + to do that.

Also, the Guest mode profile is available from here. When that is chosen, the browsing activity will be incognito and all traces of the activity will be deleted except the downloaded files if any.

Guest mode in Chrome

Choose a name for the new profile (not Guest mode) and customize the theme if needed.

Customizing Chrome profile when adding it

You can also have the profile as a desktop shortcut. Click on Done to complete.

This will open the Chrome Welcome page.

Chrome Welcome page after adding the profile

You can now map an existing Google account or create a new account for the new profile or continue without signing in by clicking on Get Started.

Once the new profile is added and is in use, Chrome will show the tabs accordingly.

Chrome tabs with separate profiles

The profile settings can be changed anytime by typing in the Chrome address bar:


Accessing profile settings from Chrome address bar

The profile theme color, avatar, and name can be changed from this page.

Customizing created Chrome profile

Also to keep the web activity when using Chrome completely separate, it is better to have a personal and a work account and add them to different profiles.

work and personal Chrome profiles with different Google accounts

All done

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