How To Download And Install Previously Used Windows Apps From Microsoft Store

The apps downloaded from Microsoft Store in Windows 10 are always available for installing at any time. This becomes useful when you reset or reinstall Windows 10.

Here is how to access them for installing again:

Open Microsoft Store from the Windows 10 menu.

accessing Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Click on the dots icon at the top-right and select Purchased.

viewing previously downloaded apps from Microsoft Store

All the apps that were downloaded and installed at any point of time before will be listed. Purchased doesn’t mean they are paid apps, even the free apps if they were downloaded earlier and then removed will be listed here.

a list of Windows apps that were previously installed from Microsoft Store

Choose the apps from the list that need to be installed again and click on the Install button.

Downloading previously used apps from Microsoft Store

The selected app will be downloaded and installed.

Windows app downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store

You can also choose to prevent an app from being displayed in this list. To do that, click on the dots next to the Install button and then click on Hide.

Hiding specific apps from the installation list in Microsoft Store

All done.


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