How To Configure Selective Syncing In Different Browsers

Syncing browsing data is a useful feature that is found in various browsers. It can help to maintain a consistent browsing experience across different devices. This requires a sync account depending on the browser which can be used to sign in anywhere and download the synced data.

You can however choose what to sync and make available instead of syncing everything like typed-in data, browser history, and more.

Here is how to sync selectively in most of the commonly used browsers:

Google Chrome:

In Google Chrome, access the browser settings by typing in the address bar:


accessing chrome settings

From the You and Google section, click on Sync and Google services.

Google Chrome sync settings

Then click on Manage what you sync from the Sync section.

customizing Chrome sync settings

The default option when sync is enabled is everything. Choose Customize sync and then turn on/off specific items like Apps, Bookmarks, Extensions, and so on.

choosing what to sync in Chrome

Alternatively, you can access these sync settings by typing in the address bar:


Mozilla Firefox:

In Mozilla Firefox, access the Sync settings by typing in:


accessing firefox settings

Then select Sync.

A list of all the browser items enabled for sync will be listed here. To customize them, click on the Change button.

changing sync settings in Firefox

Then enable or disable various items like Bookmarks, History, Open tabs, Add-ons, and so on.

choosing what to sync in Firefox

Click on Save Changes. Only the enabled items will be synced the next time.


In Opera browser, click on the menu icon and select Synchronise.

accessing opera settings

Then sign in and select the items to be synced.

choosing what to sync in Opera


Click on the Vivaldi menu and select Settings.

accessing vivaldi settings

Scroll down to Sync and log in with your Vivaldi account if not logged in. Once logged in, under the Data Synchronisation section, the items to selectively sync will be listed.

choosing what to sync in Vivaldi

Choose as required.


For customizing sync settings in Brave browser, type in:


accessing brave settings

Then click on Sync.

brave sync settings

Scroll down to Sync Settings and select Customise sync.

choosing what to sync in Brave

By default, everything is synced but it can be changed from there.

All done.

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