Set Custom Wallpapers As A New Tab Background In Opera

The new tabs in the Opera browser can be configured to display different wallpapers as a background.

Opera blank tab wallpapers

These wallpapers can be selected from the default ones or the Opera add-ons page. You can also add your images as wallpapers.

To do this, click on the Opera menu and choose Settings.

accessing Opera settings

Alternatively, in the address bar, type in the following:


Then scroll down to the Wallpapers section.

choosing from a default list of wallpapers or adding new ones

By default, this option is enabled with existing wallpaper. To pick any other wallpaper from the available ones, click on it.

To add more wallpapers from the Opera add-ons store, click on Get more wallpapers.

wallpapers available from the Opera add-ons page

This will display many different wallpapers based on criteria like Recommended, Top Rated, Animated, and so on.

Choose the preferred wallpaper by clicking on the Add to Opera button.

adding wallpapers from the Opera add-ons page

This wallpaper will now be displayed for the default new tab.

wallpaper from the Opera add-ons page set for the new tab

To upload your wallpaper, from the Wallpaper settings click on Add your wallpaper. It will be automatically displayed whenever a new blank tab is opened.

upload own images as wallpapers in Opera

To disable these Wallpaper settings, turn the slider off.

disable wallpaper settings in Opera

By the way, Opera also has a cool snapshot tool by which you can take screenshots, edit them and save them as images. These can then be set as custom wallpapers too.

All done.

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