Quickly Generate Pencil Sketches From Images With This Free Tool

Sketcher AI is a free web-based tool that can convert images to pencil sketches using machine learning and AI. There is no installation, subscription, or sign-up needed for using it.

To use it, go to the Sketcher AI homepage.

Sketcher AI homepage

Then, drag and drop the image that is to be converted to a pencil sketch, or choose click to update.

Different image formats like PNG, JPG, and JPEG are supported with a maximum resolution of 5000×5000. Batch processing though is not supported, so you’d need to upload one image at a time for converting. Also, all the uploaded images are auto-deleted from the Sketcher AI servers after 24 hours.

Sample input image for converting to a pencil sketch using Sketcher AI

Sample input image for converting to a pencil sketch using Sketcher AI

[ Image courtesy: Wikimedia ]

Depending on the image size, it can take a while to convert it to a pencil sketch.

input image being processed by Sketcher AI

Once processed, different pencil-based sketches for the input image will be available.

generated pencil sketches of the input image using Sketcher AI

You can save them individually by clicking on the Download button.

Individual pencil sketches generated from the original input image by Sketcher AI can be downloaded

This will open them full-size in a new tab from which you can save or download them.

a pencil sketch created from input image using Sketcher AI

It is a useful tool when you want to quickly generate pencil sketches from images all through the web browser.

Do try it out.

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