World Backup Day 2021 Giveaway: AOMEI Backup Tools

Time for a giveaway and the first one for 2021. 🙂

This time it is for World Backup Day which is on 31 March 2021.

AOMEI Tech is giving away three backup products: AOMEI Backupper Pro, AOMEI MBackupper Pro, and CBackupper. There is also a chance to win a cash prize of $331 in this giveaway.

Giveaway details:

To avail of this offer, visit the AOMEI giveaway page here.

AOMEI giveaway page for World Backup Day

This is a time-sensitive giveaway that ends on April 1, 2021.

From the giveaway page, there will be AOMEI backup products available for download and use. No participation is needed to download and use these products.

AOMEI Backupper Pro:

Backup files, restore them, and create disk clones with this PC tool. To get the giveaway version that is originally worth $29.95, click on the Get it Now button to download it.

AOMEI Backupper Pro free giveaway

Extract the files.

There will be the setup file and a license key with the details.

AOMEI Backupper Pro giveaway license details

Install AOMEI Backupper Pro and then register it with the giveaway license key which is valid for one year.

Registering AOMEI Backupper Pro giveaway license

It will now be ready to use.

AOMEI Backupper Pro giveaway version activated


AOMEI MBackupper Pro:

This is a backup tool for iOS devices originally worth $29.95. Backup and restore your iPhone and iPad data with AOMEI MBackupper Pro.

To use the giveaway version, download it by clicking on the Get it Now button.

AOMEI MBackupper Pro free giveaway

Extract the files and install them.

The license key will have all the details about validity and usage.

AOMEI MBackupper Pro giveaway license details

Register the product with the giveaway license key that is valid for one year and AOMEI MBackupper Pro will be ready to use.

Registering AOMEI MBackupper Pro giveaway license

AOMEI MBackupper Pro giveaway version activated

AOMEI CBackupper:

This is an online tool to backup data to the cloud. Click on Sign Up Now to register and start using it.

AOMEI CBackupper free giveaway

creating an account for CBackupper

After signing in, you can add online storage accounts like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and also FTP/SFTP.

CBackupper interface

adding online storage accounts to CBackupper

Choose the source and destination accounts to transfer files.

Cash prize giveaway:

Besides getting these three products for free during this giveaway, you can also participate in the cash prize giveaway and have a chance to win 331$.

To participate, share your backup story on Facebook with the hashtag #BackupwithAOMEI.

AOMEI World Backup Day 2021 cash prize giveaway

The winner for this would be announced on AOMEI’s Facebook page on 2 April 2021.

One lucky winner will get funds of 331$ transferred through PayPal.

Happy participating.


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