How To Use The Vertical Tabs Feature In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser now comes with the Vertical Tabs feature. This makes managing open tabs a lot easier.

To use this feature, first, check the browser version by accessing the Edge settings.

Microsoft Edge settings icon

accessing Microsoft Edge settings

Scroll down and click on About Microsoft Edge.

checking the version of Microsoft Edge browser

Alternatively, type the following in the Edge address bar:


accessing Edge settings from the address bar

The vertical tabs feature is available from version 89 and above. If you have a previous version, update it.

vertical tabs needs Microsoft Edge version 89

Once the updated Edge version is installed, there would be a small icon at the very left of the tabs. This is the vertical tab icon.

vertical tabs icon in Microsoft Edge

Using vertical tabs:

On the first run, there would be a brief introduction of how this feature works. Click on Try vertical tabs to start using it, or click on the vertical tabs icon from the left of the Edge tabs.

vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge

All the existing open tabs that are horizontally placed by default will now transform into a column on the left.

switching from horizontal to vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge

The tab in focus will be the one available for viewing in the Edge window.

To open a new tab, click on the + button or New tab. The new tab will open but as a vertical tab in the column. You can also collapse the vertical tab column by clicking on the arrow icon to get more screen space. Click on this collapse icon in the vertical tab column.

collapsing the vertical tabs list in Microsoft Edge

The tabs will change to the site favicons if any.

open tabs as favicons when using vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge

On hovering on the vertical tabs, the column will expand automatically. You can also pin it with the pin icon.

pin vertical tabs column in Microsoft Edge

These tabs can be reordered too if needed. Drag and drop them within the vertical tab column to do so to shuffle their order.

Vertical tabs settings:

To change the vertical tab settings, access Edge settings, and select Appearance.

accessing Microsoft Edge appearance settings

Alternatively, type the following in the Edge address bar:


accessing Edge appearance settings from the address bar

You can then turn off the vertical tab icon from being displayed if needed and also disable this feature.

enable and disable the vertical tabs feature in Microsoft Edge

These settings can also be accessed by right-clicking the vertical tabs icon and choosing Customize toolbar.

accessing vertical tabs settings from the vertical tabs icon in Microsoft Edge

The vertical tabs feature along with Sleeping Tabs in Microsoft Edge can be useful for tab management, especially if you have a lot of open tabs by maximizing the screen space and suspending inactive tabs.

Happy browsing.


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