How To Embed Photos And Documents From OneDrive

Besides sharing documents and other contents, the web version of OneDrive also has the option of directly embedding them within blogs and webpages. This is a useful feature when you want to link these from OneDrive without having to download and reupload them or requiring them to be accessed without signing in.

Here is how:

Embed photos:

To embed photos, select the specific photo from the OneDrive web version.

choosing the photo to embed from OneDrive

Then from the top menu, click on Embed. (Only one item at a time can be selected for embedding.)

embed option for OneDrive photos

This will display an embed page. Click on the Generate button to proceed.

generating an embed link for photo from OneDrive

The embed code will be generated with the photo preview.

embed link generated for photo stored in OneDrive

Next, select the image size to change the dimensions if needed.

changing the image size for embedded photo



Also, if you want the HTML code, enable the option of Include HTML tags.

getting a HTML code for embedding photo from OneDrive

You can then copy-paste that URL directly to blogs and web pages.

Embed documents:

Just like photos, documents stored in OneDrive too can be directly embedded. Doing that is similar to embedding photos.

Select the document to be embedded from the OneDrive web version and click on Embed from the top menu.

choosing the document to embed from OneDrive

Click on Generate.

generating an embed link for document from OneDrive

The embed link will be then available with a preview of the document.

embed link generated for document stored in OneDrive

You can also download the document or print it as a PDF by clicking on the options.

preview and other options when embedding document from OneDrive

Embed workbooks and spreadsheets:

Workbooks and spreadsheets too can be embedded. Select the one as needed from the OneDrive web version. Then click on Embed.

choosing the workbook to embed from OneDrive


Click on Generate to get the embed code.

generating an embed link for workbook and spreadsheet from OneDrive

This will show the spreadsheet preview with the embed code. You can also customize which parts of the workbook and spreadsheet can be displayed. To do so, click on the option Customize how this embedded workbook will appear to the others.

embed link generated for workbook and spreadsheet stored in OneDrive

Then, choose to Select a range and enter the cell range.

choosing a select cell range to display for embedded workbook from OneDrive

You can customize the starting cell for embedded workbooks from the Interaction section. You can also include a download link for it from the Appearance section.

including a download link for embedding workbook from OneDrive

Manage access:

Also, these photos, documents and spreadsheets, and other OneDrive content will show their sharing status as embedded rather than a shared link.

To view this, click on the information icon from the top right after selecting them.

viewing info for content stored on OneDrive

In the Has access section, the status will be displayed. Click on Manage access to know more.

managing access settings for shared OneDrive content

There will be a separate link that is used to embed content besides the viewable link if the document is shared with others. You can also remove these links from there to stop sharing.

different links for sharing and embedding OneDrive content

So, embedding content from OneDrive is a useful feature when you want to directly insert various sorts of documents into webpages and blogs.

All done.

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