Find Your Dream Job

2020 has been a rocky year and the job market is no exception. Many businesses have had to find ways to optimize their activities, with many workers being made redundant. But let that not deter you from looking for your dream job. And check out the tips below that will make the process less daunting.

Firstly, you need to understand what you expect from the position. Are you fond of working from home? Then you should look for jobs that give you this opportunity – if it is not stated explicitly, watch out for the word “flexible” in the description. With the onset of COVID-19, many firms have become more accommodating with regard to employees willing to work remotely.

Secondly, take a step back and assess your core abilities and skills. Even if you are shy, you must “sell yourself” to the employer. Think of the key achievements and successes in your previous positions. If they are relevant to the post you will be applying to, be sure to include them on your CV. Recruiters like to see figures as opposed to general, vague statements. Use facts and percentages to illustrate your contribution to the growth of the company you were with.

Once you are done and have gone over your CV several times, leave it for a couple of days. Then return to it with a clear mind – you would be surprised how this technique can help you improve the document. It is also a sound idea to show the CV to your mentor, colleagues, or even relatives or close friends. If you know someone in the industry, get in touch too! A fresh pair of eyes can do wonders.

Now that your CV is ready, let’s start looking for job openings. There are several approaches to this process depending on your requirements and circumstances. If there is a company you really admire, get in touch directly! Look out for any vacancies on their website and follow them on social networks where they may also occasionally post new positions. In any case, you would always be up-to-date on the latest developments within the company.

Larger firms may have a dedicated page for jobs or vacancies on their website. With smaller ones, you can often find the email of the HR (or even the founders) on their Contacts page. Even if there are no posted vacancies, you can still make yourself known to the recruiter by indicating your interest. Make sure your first message conveys your potential value to the company. The worst that can happen is you may be ignored. In the best-case scenario, the firm may reach out in the future when a position does open. This especially applies to startups and small businesses that are growing.

The standard proven method is making use of job search websites such as or The latter even lets you read people’s reviews of working at specific companies. While there are many such websites, and it does take time to go through even the biggest ones, there is one lifehack. Jooble aggregates the vacancies posted online and saves you time. You can even search for jobs according to your requirements and sign up to receive regular emails with all the new listings in one place.

Set aside an hour each day to search for jobs. Depending on when you have the most energy, this can be in the morning, after the gym, or in the evening. In order to succeed, turn it into a routine and avoid distractions during that hour. Turn off all notifications on your phone, don’t make any plans, ask people around you not to disturb. After a few days, this will become a habit, like brushing teeth. And last but not least: reward yourself after each hour. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and thank yourself for this important investment in your future. The job market is tough at the moment, but doors open only if you knock.

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