Easily Record Screencasts Using IObit Screen Recorder

IObit Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder to record screens and take their screenshots in Windows. Videos can be recorded without any watermarks and have unlimited recordings.

It does this without any lagging or putting a strain on system resources. Besides Windows 10, it is also compatible with older Windows versions like Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1.

IObit Screen Recorder homepage

Download and install it from here. The setup wizard is simple to follow, wait till the installation is complete.

IObit Screen Recorder setup

Then open IObit Screen Recorder.

IObit Screen Recorder interface

Using IObit Screen Recorder:

The recording process consists of three steps:

  • Selecting what to record
  • Choosing audio and mouse settings
  • Recording

On the first run, each of these features will be highlighted next to the buttons for them.

choosing a region to record using IObit Screen Recorder

settings for audio and mouse in IObit Screen Recorder

button to start recording using IObit Screen Recorder

Also, the IObit Screen Recorder icon will be available in the Windows system tray once it is launched.

IObit Screen Recorder system tray icon

You can then record videos full screen, select a region, choose an active window or use available aspect ratios for this.

selecting region to record using IObit Screen Recorder

When recording, the screen will be highlighted with an outline.

outline of selected region for recording using IObit Screen Recorder

There will be shortcuts listed for recording and taking screenshots during recording, and also the current resolution for video capture.

Once the region, window, or full screen is chosen for recording, you can enable or disable the Speaker, Mic, and Mouse buttons. Enabling them can be useful if you’d like to create video tutorials or screencasts.

Then click on the REC button to start recording.

recording in progress using IObit Screen Recorder

You can pause or stop recording anytime. To stop recording, click on the red button to finish it or use the default F9 key. To pause, use the F10 key or the pause button.

Also, while the recording is in progress, you can take screenshots with the F11 key. The recording will blink momentarily when doing that thereby indicating that a screenshot was captured.

After the recording is finished, the video will automatically be listed in the Video List > Videos section.

recorded video listed in the videos section in IObit Screen Recorder

You can then play it with the play button to open it in the default media player.

playback of recorded video

IObit Screen Recorder can also edit the recorded video. Click on the edit icon next to the video.

editing videos in IObit Screen Recorder

This will open a video editing window wherein you can trim the videos and save them.

trimming recorded videos in IObit Screen Recorder

After selecting the portion for trimming, click on Save to save the edited video.

This feature makes it easy to reduce the length and the size of the video captures.

Also, the recorded video can be directly uploaded and shared to various social networks and online storage. Right-click the video and select Upload.

upload recorded videos to online services and social media

Then choose the online networks and storage where the video needs to be shared or stored.

Any screenshots taken during the recording will be listed under the Video List > Screenshots section.

a list of captured screenshots through IObit Screen Recorder

They can be viewed in the default image viewer or deleted as required.

Recording Settings:

To change the recording settings for IObit Screen Recorder, click on that section.

various recording settings in IObit Screen Recorder

From there, you can change the default path where the video and image captures are stored. Also, various video and audio settings for recording can be changed from here.

Click on the Format drop-down menu to save the video to a different format rather than the default MP4. More than 12 output formats are supported so you can pick any of them for best viewing.

choosing an output video format in IObit Screen Recorder

IObit Screen Recorder can also save the videos as GIFs. So, you can make your GIFs from the recorded videos by changing the video output format.

Frame rate and audio settings can also be changed from here.

choosing frame rate for recording in IObit Screen Recorder

Other settings:

To change other settings for this online screen recorder, click on the square icon from the top-right of the interface and choose Settings.

accessing other settings in IObit Screen Recorder

other settings option in IObit Screen Recorder

From there, various settings like General, Record, Format, and Hotkeys can be customized.

various other settings to configure in IObit Screen Recorder

Most of the settings there can also be changed from the Recording Settings in the interface.

You can change the hotkeys for recording and screenshots only from here through the Hotkeys settings.

hotkeys settings to configure in IObit Screen Recorder

Also, the default image format from JPG to others for screenshots can be changed from here.

This is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and free screen recorder which can be useful to create screencasts and video-based tutorials. Do try it out.

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