Sports In Which Tech Now Plays A Pivotal Role

Many sports started out as simple endeavors, whereby players got some physical exercise and satiated their appetite for team camaraderie and competition.

However, since the naissance of professional sport things have become more serious, as spectators and television audiences expect superhuman feats from not only their favorite sports stars, but the men and women tasked with officiating them.

This has meant that tech solutions have been drafted in, as games are dissected and analyzed to the nth degree.

In this article we take a look at the sports where technology has become so intertwined with their makeup, that the sports barely resemble their former selves. Is this a good thing or a worrying trend? We will leave the reader to decide.

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NFL fields are now packed with a plethora of tech devices and monitoring systems.

American Football

American sports leagues have always been at the forefront of technological advances in sport, mainly because the idea of a draw is so foreign to American sports fans that they are willing to have long delays in the action as a computer decides which team won or lost.

This also suits online sportsbooks and their customers, who have all the time in the world between plays to make their wagers.
Among the tech additions that have been applied within the NFL are: super slow-mo replays, JumboTron scoreboards, artificial turf, and helmet audio, with the list going on and on.

Indeed, it is now an exception if some form of technology is not used by the umpires to make their decision on a play.

The added bonus for fans and online tipsters alike is that all this technology does an incredible job of collating data. This means anyone can study the form guide, along with all the data variables, in order to use sports free bets, or other similar offers, to great effect.

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Cricket umpires have more tech options at their disposal than perhaps any other sports official


For the uninitiated, cricket is a special blend of baseball and meal intervals, all of which apparently requires untold amounts of technology to keep tabs on it.

Heat seeking tech is used, ball tracking tech is in play, and even a Snickometer listens in for the feintest of edges behind the wicket keeper.

The upshot of all this is that human umpires have become largely obsolete, mainly employed to hold a bowler’s clothing and tell everyone it’s lunch time.


A tennis ball on the ATP or WTA tours cannot go anywhere these days without being under stringent surveillance.

Hawkeye ensures that line calls are always perfect. A net cord sensor tells players if a serve must be taken again. Foot faults have been made a thing of the past.

Who knows what will be next? Maybe it is only a matter of time before tennis stars are more likely to be found gaming in the lead up to a grand slam than they are to be hitting the gym.

If tech obsessed sports governing bodies get their way, it could only be a matter of time.

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