Optimize Web Pages To Print In Chrome With Print Friendly & PDF Add-on

Print Friendly & PDF is a Chrome add-on that optimizes pages before printing them. It does this by removing the unnecessary clutter from the web pages. So it saves pages and ink by only printing what is necessary. Also, it can save the web pages as PDF documents or save them to Google Drive.

Download and install Print Friendly & PDF from the Chrome Web Store here.

Print Friendly & PDF Chrome add-on

After installing it, click on the Extensions icon to pin it next to the Chrome address bar.

Chrome extensions icon

pinning Print Friendly & PDF add-on in Chrome

Using it is easy. To save or print a web page, open it and click on the Print Friendly & PDF icon. It will show a simplified page with various options like Print, PDF, and Email.

page preview with Print Friendly & PDF

To change the text and image size for the web page, select their sizes from the drop-down menu.

changing text size for webpages in Print Friendly & PDF

changing image size for webpages in Print Friendly & PDF

You can also delete lines and blocks of text. These will be highlighted with a trash icon, click on that to delete as needed.

deleting lines and content in Print Friendly & PDF

Print, PDF and Email:

To print the web page, click on the Print button.

options to print, save as pdf and email webpages using Print Friendly & PDF

It will show the number of paper sheets required for printing. Along with that, the list of installed print devices will also be available.

print preview of webpages using Print Friendly & PDF

To view more options, click on See more.

additional print devices which can be selected using Print Friendly & PDF

You can also configure specific devices by clicking on Manage. In Windows, it will open the Printers & Scanners settings.

After selecting the output print device, click on Print.

printing web pages using Print Friendly & PDF

On selecting the Save to Google Drive option, the web page will be auto-saved as a PDF to Google Drive.

saving web pages as pdf to google drive using Print Friendly & PDF


To save it as a PDF, click on PDF. It will generate the PDF version of the webpage.

downloading web pages as pdf using Print Friendly & PDF

Select the page size and then click on Download Your PDF to save it.


Finally, you can also email the webpage through the Email option. Fill out the sender and recipient email addresses and a custom message.

email web pages using Print Friendly & PDF

The web page will be emailed.

web pages emailed through Print Friendly & PDF

To configure other settings for Print Friendly & PDF, right-click on the add-on icon. Then select Options.

accessing Print Friendly & PDF options

You can change how the add-on icon appears through these settings.

changing appearance of Print Friendly & PDF icons

It is a useful add-on for saving and printing web pages without any clutter. This add-on is also available for other browsers.

Also, to just read the articles clutter-free in Chrome, Mercury Reader can be useful.

Happy printing.

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