Manage Logins And Passwords In Firefox Across Different Devices With Firefox Lockwise

Firefox version 70 and above comes with a built-in password manager Firefox Lockwise. This makes it easy to manage logins across different devices when Firefox Sync is enabled.

Using Firefox Lockwise:

To use it, sign-in to the Firefox Sync account and click on Logins and Passwords.

accessing Firefox Lockwise

You can use it without a Firefox account too but it then won’t be available across different devices.

Alternatively, type the following in the Firefox address bar:


Firefox Lockwise from the address bar

If you had enabled Firefox to remember passwords and login details before, all of those would already be available through Firefox Lockwise.

Firefox Lockwise interface

Creating, editing, and deleting logins:

To create a new saved login, click on Create New Login.

adding new login details to Firefox Lockwise

Then enter the website details and the login credentials for it.

website details and credentials using Firefox Lockwise

To edit existing logins, click on the Edit button after selecting them.

editing stored logins using Firefox Lockwise

You can then edit the website URL, username, and password for that.

To delete saved logins, click on the Remove button.

deleting stored logins in Firefox Lockwise

Confirm the deletion again by choosing Remove.

confirm deletion of logins in Firefox Lockwise

Import and export logins:

Firefox Lockwise can also import saved login details from other browsers. To do that, click on the dots icon and select Import from Another Browser.

importing login details from another browser to Firefox Lockwise

It will launch the Import Wizard. Select the browser from which logins have to be imported and click Next.

choosing a browser to import login details from to Firefox Lockwise


Select Saved Logins and Passwords and click Next.

selecting what data to import to Firefox from other browsers

All the login details will be auto-imported to Firefox Lockwise.

saved logins from other browsers imported to Firefox Lockwise

Similarly, you can export logins and save the list locally. Click on Export Logins.

exporting logins from Firefox Lockwise

It is not a good idea as all the login details will be saved as plain-text. Firefox Lockwise will also notify you about this.

confirming export of saved logins in Firefox Lockwise

To proceed anyway, click on the Export button.

The logins will available as a CSV file and all the details will be visible as a plain-text.

exported login details from Firefox Lockwise saved as a csv file

To delete all the stored logins, click on Remove All Logins.

deleting all logins from Firefox Lockwise

When confirmed, it will delete the stored logins across all the signed-in devices which use Firefox Sync.

confirm removing all stored logins from Firefox Lockwise

Setting a password to access Firefox Lockwise:

It is better to set a Primary Password that will be required to open Firefox Lockwise. Click on Options.

accessing Firefox Lockwise options

You can then do so from the Logins and Passwords section in Options by enabling Use a Primary Password.

enabling a primary password for Firefox Lockwise

Generate a password and click on OK.

setting a primary password for Firefox Lockwise

You can also change it anytime if needed.

primary password set for Firefox Lockwise

After this Primary Password is set, you’d need to enter it before viewing or editing any of the logins in Firefox Lockwise.

primary password needed for Firefox Lockwise

It is a handy password manager if you use Firefox. You can sync it across various PCs and mobile devices.

Do try it out.

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