Read Web Articles Clutter-Free In Chrome With Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader is a clutter-free reader for Google Chrome. It makes reading easy by removing distracting elements from web articles like ads leaving only text and images.

Download it from the Web Store here.

adding Mercury Reader from Chrome Web Store

Once installed, click on the Extensions icon and pin Mercury Reader next to the Chrome address bar.

pinning Mercury Reader next to Chrome address bar

To use it, open the article to read and click on the Mercury Reader add-on icon.

Mercury Reader add-on icon

Alternatively, right-click anywhere in the article and select Open in Mercury Reader.

opening web articles in Mercury Reader

On the first run, click on Start using Mercury Reader button to start using it.

Mercury Reader on the first run

It is more suited to use for reading individual web articles than web pages. So using it on the web pages will show a warning before rendering them.

Mercury Reader is suitable for individual articles

When enabled for web articles, only the text and images are displayed. All the other non-essential elements are removed.

Clutter-free article view in Chrome with Mercury Reader

You can also send the web pages to Kindle for reading. Click on the Send to Kindle link to begin.

send to Kindle option for articles opened with Mercury Reader


linking Mercury Reader with Kindle

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Kindle setup for Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader also supports the dark theme and text appearance.

Mercury Reader with the dark mode enabled

Click on the gear icon at the top right to access these settings.

From there, you can change the text size, font style, and theme.

changing theme and other settings in Mercury Reader

Also, you can share the web page through Kindle, email, and social network share buttons.

share icons at the end of reading articles in Mercury Reader

To change other settings for Mercury Reader, right-click on it and choose Manage extensions.

configuring other settings for Mercury Reader

Different settings like allowing access to only a specific site or on all the sites can be changed from there. Also, it can be enabled for incognito mode as it is disabled by default for that.

enabling Mercury Reader for specific or all sites and for incognito mode in Chrome

It is a minimalistic reader that makes reading web pages a lot easier by simplifying their appearance.

Happy reading.

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