How To Use The Translate Feature In web version has a translation feature that can translate email messages from different languages.

For using it, first the Conversation view has to be enabled if it’s turned off. Also, received email messages have to be greater than forty characters for translating them.

Here is how to configure it:

Click on the gears icon and scroll to Conversation view to check if it’s enabled.

accessing settings

enabling conversation view in Outlook

Then, select View all Outlook settings.

opening settings

From the Message handling section, select any of the available Translation options.

message handling options in

You can choose to auto-translate or turn it off.

translation options in

You can also add the languages into which the messages will be translated. Received messages from specific languages can also be excluded from translation if needed. Click on Save after making the changes.

saving translation settings in

When the Always Translate option is enabled, the messages from other languages will automatically be translated into the chosen language when opened.

messages from other languages are auto-translated in if configured so

If the Ask me before translating option is enabled, you’d need to click on the Translate message to link on top of the messages for translating them.

prompt for translation in based on translation settings

You can also translate specific email messages by clicking on the dots icon next to them and choosing View > Translate.

accessing individual message options in

using the translate option for individual email messages in

It is a useful feature that makes managing emails easier.

All done.

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