How To Use The Search Features In Opera Browser

Opera browser has search features for tab searches as well as for web searches.

Search Tabs:

When there are many tabs opened in the Opera browser, the Search Tabs is a useful tool to locate them. Using it is simple.

Click on the Opera menu and select Search tabs.

accessing search tabs from opera menu

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space.

search tabs feature in opera to search from open tabs

It will open a mini-search box only meant for searching the open tabs.

Type the tab contents or the tab title, and the results for that would be displayed using this tool.

searching for tab title and content with the search tab feature in opera

Web search box in the address bar:

Other than that, if the web search box from the Opera address bar is disabled, you can turn it on by going to Settings.

accessing opera settings

Then choose Advanced > Browser.

accessing browser settings in opera

From the User interface section, choose Enable search box in the address bar.

enable search box in opera

The default search engine will be available next to the address bar. You can then directly search the web from there.

web search box enabled with the default search engine in opera

To change the search engine directly, go to the privacy settings by typing in:


accessing opera privacy settings

Alternatively, you can access Settings and select Advanced > Privacy & security.

Then, select any other search engine as needed.

changing search engine settings in opera

You can also customize this by choosing the Manage search engines options.

adding and editing search engines in opera

All done.

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