How To Use The Personal News Feature In Opera

The Personal news feature in Opera browser is a collection of the latest news from various categories. You can also add your news sources and websites to it to stay updated.

Here is how to use this feature:

Click on the Opera icon and then on News.

accessing Opera News
It will show the Top 50 content in the sidebar. It is a collection of the news based on your location and language.

Top 50 news content in Opera News

To change the language and region that you want the news for, click on the drop-down menu from the right.

changing the region and language for Opera news
To add your sources, click on the Add sources option.

adding news sources in Opera

From there, you can directly search for various topics or specific website URLs.

searching for topics and websites to add in Opera news

To get the suggested news feed, click on Recommended. Other than that, you can also add various topics for which you’d like news by clicking on Browse the catalog. You can also add other languages by clicking on the Add language input field and adding them.

adding the news sources from Opera news catalog

It will show a list of various categories and the news sources/websites relevant to them.

adding website sources from various categories to Opera news

Click on them to add your sources.

To add websites to the news feed, search for the URL, and click on the + icon next to them.

adding individual websites to Opera news

These added news sources will be listed under the My sources section.

Opera news with curated news sources

Opera news with individual websites added as a feed

You can then remove these anytime by selecting and clicking on Remove from my sources.

To change how often the news sources are updated in the News sidebar, go to the Opera settings.

accessing Opera settings

Then, scroll down to the Personal news section and change the default interval if needed.

changing the news interval settings in Opera

You can also turn off the news feed display on the address bar from here. It is a useful feature in Opera to stay updated and curate news from various sources.

Do try it out.

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