How To Use Chrome Actions In Google Chrome

Google Chrome from version 87 onwards comes with Chrome Actions. This feature makes it easy to do browser-related tasks like clearing history, deleting cookies, translating pages, and so on without having to navigate to various settings.

To use Chrome Actions, first check if the version is 87 and above by typing in:


checking Chrome version

Once updated, you can then use Chrome Actions.

Deleting browsing history and cookies:

For clearing browser history, type in the address bar a relevant phrase like “delete history“, “clear history” or something relevant to that.

Chrome Actions for deleting browsing history

Chrome Actions will recognize this and show the related action. In this example, it would be the Clear browsing data button.

For clearing cookies, type in “delete cookies” or “erase cookies” and so on.

Chrome Actions for deleting cookies

You can then delete history and cookies from the settings menu as before.

choosing what to delete in Chrome

Updating Chrome:

Similarly, to update Chrome, type in the address bar “update chrome“.

Chrome Actions for updating browser

Editing payment methods:

You can also manage saved payment methods by typing in “update payment” or “manage payment“.

Chrome Actions for managing saved payment methods

Then you can add or edit payment methods in Chrome.

Chrome Actions for saved payments

Managing saved passwords:

For managing saved passwords and editing them, again type a relevant phrase like “edit passwords” or “save password“.

Chrome Actions for managing passwords

Chrome Actions for editing passwords

Using Incognito mode:

To use Chrome in Incognito mode, type in “private mode” and the associated Chrome Actions will be displayed.

Chrome Actions for using Incognito mode

Translating webpages:

Another cool use is directly translating webpages through the Chrome address bar. Go to the webpage to be translated and type in “translate page“.

Chrome Actions for translating webpages

The Translate page button will appear. Choose the language in which the translation is needed.

choosing a language for translating webpages

Using Chrome Actions can make configuring browser settings a lot easier as you just have to type in the action to be performed in the address bar without remembering the settings.

Happy browsing.

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