Easily Transfer Google Photos To Dropbox Using MultCloud

It can be useful to manage space for online cloud storage accounts and utilize it more efficiently across various cloud services. MultCloud is an online tool through which you can do that from within a single interface.

Also, if you are looking to free up space in your Google Photos account, you can easily copy your photos from there to different cloud services with MultCloud as it now supports that too.

MultCloud homepage

To sign up, go to the homepage here.

signing up for MultCloud account

Once signed up, log in.

logging into MultCloud

The basic plan is free and offers a 30 GB monthly transfer limit while the premium plan has no limits.

difference between free and premium plan for MultCloud

After logging in, add the cloud drives and storage to manage.

adding cloud drives to MultCloud

MultCloud supports many widely used storage services to choose from for adding.

various cloud services that are supported by MultCloud

This example shows copying Google Photos to Dropbox.

Adding Google Photos in MultCloud:

Click on Add Cloud Drives and choose Google Photos. Click Next to continue.

selecting Google Photos for adding to MultCloud

Choose Add Google Photos Account.

adding Google Photos storage to MultCloud

Then sign-in with the Google account and allow access.

allowing access to Google Photos using MultCloud

Click Next to continue.

linking Google Photos account to MultCloud

Once added, all your photos and albums from Google Photos will be visible from the MultCloud interface.

Google Photos added to MultCloud

Adding Dropbox in MultCloud:

To copy them to Dropbox in this example, first, select Dropbox for adding it to MultCloud.

choosing Dropbox for adding it to MultCloud

Link it to MultCloud as before by clicking on Add Dropbox Account.

adding Dropbox to MultCloud

Choose Allow to continue.

linking Dropbox to MultCloud Once added, Dropbox too will be listed in the menu.

Dropbox added to MultCloud

Copying photos from Google Photos to Dropbox:

Choose Google Photos. Then right-click on the Photos folder and select Copy to.

choosing photos folder from Google Photos for copying

It will show the added cloud drives, Dropbox in this example. Click on Transfer.

choosing Dropbox as the destination to copy Google Photos to

Depending on the number of photos, it can take a while. Google Photos content copied to Dropbox using MultCloud

Once done, the photos will be copied to Dropbox.

Photos folder from Google Photos now copied to Dropbox

Then you can delete them from Google Photos to free up space. To remove the added cloud drives, right-click on them, and select Remove.

deleting added cloud drives from MultCloud

Similarly, you can also easily copy data between other cloud storage services with MultCloud and it’s free for up to 30 GB monthly transfer.

Do try it out.

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