6 Useful Tab Management Features In Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser has many useful tab management features that make browsing productive.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Periodic Reload:

You can set tabs to auto-reload after a time duration. To do this, right-click on the single tab (or hold Ctrl and choose multiple tabs and then right-click), then select Periodic Reload.

enabling periodic reloading of tabs in Vivaldi

Choose the time for auto-reload. It ranges from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

Once it is enabled, there will be a countdown bar below the tab. Once it disappears, the tab will auto-reload.

countdown progress to the next auto-reload for tabs in Vivaldi

To disable it, again right-click the specific tab or choose Ctrl and select multiple tabs. Then select Periodic Reload > Disable or Disable All.

disabling periodic reload for tabs in Vivaldi

Pretty useful.

2. Save tabs as a session:

To save a tab or a group of tabs as a session that can then be loaded later on, again right-click the single tab or press Ctrl and select multiple tabs before the right-click. Then choose Save Selected Tabs as Session.

saving tabs as a session in Vivaldi

Name the session and save it.

naming the saved session of tabs in Vivaldi

To resume, click on the Vivaldi menu and choose File > Open Saved Session.

opening saved tabs session in Vivaldi

The saved sessions will be listed along with the number of tabs in each of them.

choosing tab session to load in Vivaldi

By default, these sessions open in a new window but you can change them to open in the existing one.

3. Hibernate tabs:

Put background tabs to sleep using tab hibernation. Right-click on the tab that is to remain active and choose Hibernate Background Tabs.

hibernate background tabs in Vivaldi

The tab icons will go dim when hibernation is enabled. Clicking on any of these tabs will once again resume them.

4. Pin tabs:

This is a fairly common feature for tab management. Right-click the single tab or select multiple tabs using Ctrl . Then select Pin Tab.

pin tabs in Vivaldi

They will be available next to the Vivaldi menu as a tab icon.

pinned tabs as icons in Vivaldi

To unpin and restore, again right-click and then choose Unpin Tab.

unpinning tabs in Vivaldi

5. Tile tabs:

Another cool feature is tiling the tabs so that they can be viewed side by side. Right-click on the single tab or press Ctrl and select tabs to be tiled and right-click. Then select Tile Tabs.

tiling tabs in Vivaldi

They will then be resized and tiled next to each other.

viewing tiled tabs in Vivaldi

To restore, again right-click on them and choose Untile Selection.

remove tabs from tiled selection in Vivaldi

6. Stack tabs:

This feature can merge different tabs into one or stack them together. Right-click on the tab or Ctrl and select tabs to be stacked together. Then right-click and select New Tab Stack with Selection.

stacking tabs in Vivaldi

The stacked tab then will be highlighted.

stacked tab is highlighted in Vivaldi

Hovering the pointer on it will reveal all the stacked tabs.

list of stacked tabs in Vivaldi

To remove tabs from the stack, right-click on the stacked tab and select Ungroup Tab Stack.

ungrouping stacked tabs in Vivaldi

Other tab settings:

You can also configure various tab related settings like appearances and notifications from the tab settings. Right-click on any tab and choose Customise.

The tab settings can then be changed as needed.

changing various tab settings in Vivaldi

These are some cool tab management features in Vivaldi. Do try them out.

Happy browsing.

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