Transfer Files And Folders Securely Using FileWhopper

FileWhopper is an online file transfer service for Windows and Mac that is useful in sending and receiving large files and folders easily.

FileWhopper homepage

It does not require a subscription plan to use the transfer service and has pay-as-you-go pricing. To find out the estimated price for your file transfers depending on the file size, use the FileWhopper online calculator.

It also uses zero-knowledge encryption which means the contents of your files are not known to anyone else except the sender and receiver.

Uploading files with FileWhopper:

To transfer files or folders, go to the FileWhopper homepage and click on Choose file or Choose folder.

Then upload the files. FileWhopper won’t immediately start the transfer, instead, it will calculate the file size and provide you with a cost estimate for the uploaded files. As the first transfer is free up to 5 GB file size, this example doesn’t show any price. To use FileWhopper, create an account by clicking on Registration.

estimated cost for file transfers using FileWhopper

Click on COMPLETE REGISTRATION to finish with the sign-up process.

creating a FileWhopper account to transfer files

Once the account is created, login to start using it.

Transferring files with FileWhopper:

Your first transfer is free and can be used immediately after the sign-up. The file details will once again be displayed for you to review before finalizing the order.

confirming file transfer details using FileWhopper

By default, all your uploaded data will be stored and available to access for 14 days from the date of uploading. You can also buy additional time for another 14 days if needed. Also, 5 additional downloads of your file can be purchased as an add-on along with file insurance.

(There is a giveaway too which can get you a free 10 GB transfer, more details on it here.) 🙂


To start the transfer, click on START TRANSFER.

starting file upload by downloading the FileWhopper uploader app

This will download the FileWhopper app that is available for both – PC (Windows) and Mac. Launch the app.

FileWhopper uploader app

The app will show the existing file transfer ID. Also, a random password will be automatically generated which will be required by the recipient to download the files. You can set a new password if needed and continue by clicking PROCEED WITH UPLOAD.

set a password for files to be transferred using FileWhopper

Select the files that were chosen for transfer during the initial uploads and click on START UPLOAD.

beginning file upload using FileWhopper uploader app

If needed, you can also select new files by clicking on START NEW UPLOAD.

The app will automatically upload the files and generate a download link. This along with the password will be required to access the files.

download link for file generated using FileWhopper

Once the file is uploaded, click on SHARE to share the link. Also, the app will be deleted as soon as you close the window. So there is an option of saving the file access link and the password in a text file before doing so. Select it by choosing SAVE INFO IN A TEXT FILE.

saving download link and password before exiting FileWhopper uploader app

You can then share these details with the recipient to access the uploaded file.

FileWhopper download link and password stored in a text file

Downloading files with FileWhopper:

At the recipient end, copy-paste the download link in a browser.  This will display the file details and also the Transfer ID. No account sign-up is needed to access the download link. However, to download, the FileWhopper downloader app will be required. Just like the uploader app, this downloader app is available for PC (Windows) and Mac. Also, it automatically deletes as soon as it is closed. So, click on RUN DOWNLOADER to download it.

downloading files using FileWhopper

Enter the password to access the file and click on START DOWNLOAD.

enter the password to access the files to be downloaded using FileWhopper

Then, select the local folder or path where you’d like to store the downloaded file by clicking BROWSE. Then click on START DOWNLOAD.

set a local path where the files will be downloaded using FileWhopper downloader app

The app will download the file which can then be accessed locally.

file downloaded using FileWhopper

This is a cost-effective file transfer service if you don’t want to use fixed subscription plans to transfer files and folders online. Pay as per the total file size whenever needed and purchase transfers. Also, you can use a free coupon as of now to have transfers for files up to 10 GB for free. Here is how.

Happy transferring.




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