How To Turn Off Profile Discoverability In Skype

Skype by default makes your profile searchable by your contacts and others. This can be changed by opting out of it.

Here is how:

Through the Skype app:

If using the Skype app in Windows 10, launch it, and click on the dots icon.

skype app in windows 10

Then choose Settings.

accessing skype settings through the app

From there, select Account & Profile.

account and profile options in skype app

Then click on Your profile.

accessing profile options through the skype app

It will open the Profile settings page in the default browser. From the Discoverability section, remove the tick mark next to Appear in search results and suggestions.

turn off discoverability for Skype profile

You will then be opted-out from Skype profile searches.

Through Skype web:

To change these settings when using the Skype web version, click on the down arrow next to your account name and select My account.

accessing account settings through the Skype web version

From the Account details page, click on Edit profile.

opening the profile settings for skype through the web version

It will show the Profile settings page just like through the Skype app. You can then turn off the Discoverability feature just like before.

Your profile won’t be included in the Skype search anymore to the public but you can still be contacted when searched for by your email address, Skype username, and phone number.

Happy Skypeing.

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