How To Manage Installed Add-ons In Google Chrome Using Extensity

Google Chrome has many useful add-ons that can make online tasks easier. It can however be tedious to keep a track of all the installed add-ons and to disable them when not needed.

Extensity is a Chrome add-on that can be useful for this. So it is an add-on used for managing other add-ons. 🙂

Download and install it from the Web Store here.

adding Extensity to Google Chrome

Once installed, click on the Extensions icon.

Then pin Extensity next to the Chrome address bar.

pinning Extensity next to Chrome address bar

Using Extensity:

To use Extensity, click on its icon. It will show a menu with a complete list of all the installed Chrome add-ons.

Extensity displays all the installed Chrome add-ons and apps

Then, to disable them individually, click on them. They will be grayed out. To disable all the add-ons in one-go, click on the slider from the top of the Extensity menu. This will gray out all of them.disabling specific add-ons using Extensity

If there is a gear icon next to the add-on, then you can configure the options for that add-on directly by clicking on it. It will also show a list of installed Chrome apps that can be accessed from that menu.

Pretty simple.


A very useful feature of Extensity is the use of profiles. Suppose, you want a specific list of add-ons to be active only when during a certain task like composing documents and another set of add-ons for online surfing, and so on. You can do this by creating a different profile for each of these.

To do that, click on the Profiles icon from the Extensity menu.

accessing profiles option in Extensity

This will open the Profiles section. To add a new profile, name it, and click on the + button. There is also an Always On profile which you can use to keep all the add-ons enabled if needed.

creating a new profile in Extensity

The default list of installed Chrome add-ons will be displayed. Disable those which aren’t required to be used for that specific profile.

saving the created profile in Extensity


Then save the profile by clicking on the Save button. The added profile will now be listed in the Extensity menu and can be used anytime.

list of created profiles that can be switched to in Extensity

All the associated add-ons for that profile will be enabled while the others will be disabled if they were marked so when the profile was created. You can delete the profile anytime by going to the Profiles section.

Other options:

To configure other Extensity options, click on the gear icon from the Extensity menu.

accessing Extensity options

From here, you can change how the add-ons and apps will be displayed, if the search box to search for installed add-ons is visible or not, and so on.

configuring various other options in Extensity

This is a useful Chrome add-on that can be used to selective load other add-ons by using different profiles.

Happy surfing.

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