How To Enable Split-Screen View For Tabs In Google Chrome

Tab Resize-split screen layouts is a Google Chrome add-on that can make working with tabs easier by splitting them into different layouts. So, even if you don’t have multiple displays, you can still have a split-screen view of all the open tabs based on various layouts.

Download and install it from the Web Store here.

adding Tab Resize-split screen for Chrome

Once installed, click on the Extensions icon and pin the Tab Resize-split screen layouts add-on next to the Chrome address bar.

Extensions button in Chrome

pinning Tab Resize-split screen to Chrome

This add-on works offline too.

Using it is easy. Click on the add-on icon. On the first run, the add-on explains what it does.

Tab Resize-split screen info on first run

Click on I understand to continue.

Next up will be the list of default keyboard shortcuts that are available.

list of keyboard shortcuts for Tab Resize-split screen

Click on Let’s go! to start using the add-on.

Using Tab Resize-split screen layouts:

The add-on interface will already show a few default layouts labeled as 2×2, 2×1, 1×2, and 1×1. What this means is the arrangement uses rows x columns for each of these layouts.

Tab Resize-split screen interface

A 2×2 layout will have the tabs split as 2 rows by 2 columns, 2×1 will be 2 rows by 1 column, and so on. The preview window below each of these layouts describes the layout.

The tabs are split into layouts based on the active tab that is currently selected. You can see the favicon for the sites (if any) opened in these tabs while previewing the layouts. When choosing Left Align, the tab in focus will be displayed on the left while the others on the right if any.

choosing alignment of active tab in Tab Resize-split screen

Similarly, Right Align will shift the tab in focus on the right while the rest will be on the left.

active tab aligned to right in Tab Resize-split screen

With a few open tabs, here is how each of these layouts will look like:

  • 2×2 (Two rows and two columns):

A 2x2 split tabs layout using Tab Resize-split screen

  • 2×1 (Two rows and one column):

A 2x1 split tabs layout using Tab Resize-split screen

  • 1×2 (One row and two columns):

A 1x2 split tabs layout using Tab Resize-split screen

Also, if the option of Empty Tab is selected with the layout, then new blank tabs will be automatically opened to fill the selected layout if required.

Empty tab option adds blank tabs to fill the layout

The Single Tab option when chosen will only resize the existing tab window, the tabs won’t be split into new windows.

You can directly use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+2, and Ctrl+Shift+4 to choose from these layouts. 1×1, 1×2, and 2×2 layouts will be enabled respectively with these shortcuts.

To undo the change, use Ctrl+Shift+Z.

Adding new layouts:

You can also create your layout with Tab Resize-split screen layouts. Click on the + icon.

adding a new layout in Tab Resize-split screen layouts

Then enter the number of rows and columns as needed when the Fixed option is selected. Click on Save.

choosing a fixed layout to add rows and columns in Tab Resize-split screen layouts

To make a new layout wherein you can adjust the size of the tab layouts, click on the Scaled option.

using the scaled layout option n Tab Resize-split screen layouts

It will then be available in the list of layouts to choose from.

custom layout available to choose from in Tab Resize-split screen layouts

A custom 5×2 layout that has 5 rows and 2 columns will look as below.

A custom 5x2 tab layout using Tab Resize-split screen layouts

As the Empty Tab option was enabled for this layout while only 3 tabs were open, new blank tabs were automatically added to fill this custom layout.

Clicking the refresh button will reset to the default layout and delete any of the custom layouts.

using the refresh option in Tab Resize-split screen layouts to reset layouts

Choose Apply to refresh.

confirming resetting to default layout and deleting custom layouts in Tab Resize-split screen layouts

There are no options as such to configure Tab Resize-split screen layouts when choosing options.

accessing Tab Resize-split screen layouts options

You can however make a contribution to a charity if needed.

Tab Resize-split screen layouts options menuThis is a useful tab layout add-on for Google Chrome. It makes working with multiple tabs easier and productive through the use of different split-screen layouts.

Do try it out.

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