How To Convert PDF Documents To Word With ToolRocket PDF Converter

ToolRocket PDF Converter is a free tool for Windows that can convert files from and to PDF. It can also merge, split, encrypt, and watermark PDF documents.

Download and install it from here.

A desktop icon will be available right from when the installation begins.

You can launch ToolRocket PDF Converter even when it is getting downloaded.

This is visible from the bottom left of the interface window when it continues to download the core files.


ToolRocket PDF Converter has an easy to use interface. The top row consists of five categories: PDF Converter, PDF Edit, CAD Converter, Image format converter, and Feature converter. Clicking on any of these will show the different formats in the left column for which conversion is supported. Let’s take a look at each of them.

PDF Converter: This feature is divided into two broad categories: Converter from PDF and File to PDF.

Converter from PDF: When this is selected, you can add PDF files and other files to convert to Word, Image, Excel, Powerpoint, text, and HTML formats.

To convert a PDF document to Word, click on the Add File button from the menu. You can also batch add files by clicking on Add Folder. Other than that, you can drag and drop source files in the rectangle center area.

For all these functions, the compatible source formats would already be listed. This makes it easy to know which files are supported for a particular conversion.

After adding the file, you can also change the destination path where they would be converted and saved. Click on the folder icon from the Output directory row for this. Also, other conversion options would be listed before this. For File to Word, these options include Editable First, Format First, OCR Text Recognition, and so on. Depending on the option selected, the converted file will be generated. Click on Start to begin the conversion.

You can also click the convert button (play button) next to the added files and begin the conversion. Also, clicking on the dots icon next to it will show a mini menu through which you can directly start the conversion, open the file, open the folder, or delete the added file.

Once the conversion is complete, the progress bar will display that. The output folder will have the converted file available to use.

For File to Image conversion, add the required files. They will be saved into ant of the common image formats as indicated in the conversion options row.

So, you can save the file as a JPG, PNG, BMO, GIF, and so on. Also, multiple files can be merged into one if needed. Once again, click on Start to begin the conversion.

The output folder will have the file pages saved as images.

You can also convert images to PDF. Click on Image to PDF and add the required image files.

Then click Start to convert them. All the input images can be merged into a single PDF file if needed. You can also compress them.

Similarly, to convert the source document to Excel format, add the file and click on File to Excel.

PDF Edit:

This feature can edit PDF files and can be useful in modifying source PDF files. Click on PDF Edit to begin. To merge different PDF files into one, choose PDF Merge. Then add the input PDF files and click on the Start button.


You can also change their order and move them up or down the list. PDF Split is the opposite of PDF Merge. You can split the input PDF files into multiple ones.

PDF Encrypt and PDF Unencrypt: To set a password for the PDF file, use the PDF Encrypt option.

Add the input file and right-click on it. Then choose Set Password and enter one.

After the password is set, click on Encrypt All and choose Start. The processed PDF file will now need a password that was set before to unlock it.

Similarly, to unencrypt, add the PDF file with the password set. Then enter the password to unlock it and process it. The output PDF file will no longer need a password to open.

PDF Rotate: Rotate the pages of a PDF file with this feature. You can double-click the file after adding it and select the specific pages.

These can then be rotated 90 degrees left, right, or 180 degrees. Click on Start after specifying the rotation values. The pages will be rotated in the output file.

PDF Watermark: Add watermark to PDF files using this feature. Select the PDF file to which the watermark needs to be added. Then double-click on the file and upload the watermark image.

You can specify the position of the watermark (whether left, right) and also transparency and rotation. Click on Add Watermark once finalized. Then process the PDF document by clicking on the Start button.

PDF Page Delete: Add the input PDF file and double-click on it. This will show all the pages in it.

Select the pages to delete and click on Start. Similarly, PDF Page Extract, PDF Image Extract, and PDF compress features can be used to extract specific pages and compress the source PDF file.

CAD Converter:

ToolRocket PDF converter also supports the conversion of CAD files to different formats. This is useful for engineering drawing projects and other areas where technical drawings are needed. The various options supported for this are CAD to PDF, CAD to Image, PDF to CAD, CAD to DWF, and DWG DXF convert.

To convert the source CAD file to PDF, add it, or drag-drop it.

Then choose the output color, page size, background color, and output quality from the options row and click on Start.

The CAD file will be available as a PDF document in the output folder once processed.

The reverse is also supported: PDF to CAD. Add the source PDF file and select the CAD format to which it needs to be converted. It can be either a DWG or a DXF file.

Click on Start to process. The other features are also similar. CAD files can be saved as images and also be converted between DWG and DXF formats.

Image format converter:

Add images of common formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, and so on to convert them to different formats or even compress them. ToolRocket PDF Converter also can convert source images to an icon file (.ico).

The method is the same. Add the images to be converted, select the options if available, and process the source file.

You can also convert a Word document to an image format from here. Click on Word to the long picture and add the source Word file. Then choose the output image type and click on Start to convert.

Similarly, you can even add PowerPoint and PDF files and convert them to images.

To compress existing image files, select Image Compress and add them. Then select the compression level and process them.

All of these converted files will be stored separately in the output directory.

Feature converter:

To convert image to text using OCR, add the source image. Then select the output format and the recognition effect by OCR.

Click on Start to convert. Besides image to text conversion, PDF to Word conversion through OCR is also supported.

You can also compress PowerPoint and Word documents from here by selecting PPT compress and Word compress options.


To access ToolRocket PDF Converter settings, click on the three-line square icon at the top-right of the interface window and select Settings.

From here, you can change the start-up behavior and also set an output directory for converted files.

This is a feature-rich conversion tool for documents of various formats, especially for PDF files and it’s free to download and use.

Do try it out.

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