Enable Disappearing Messages For WhatsApp Desktop App In Windows 10

The Disappearing Messages feature in the mobile version of WhatsApp is now also available for the WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows 10.

Here is how to enable it:

First, update the WhatsApp Desktop app to the latest version. To do this, open Microsoft Store from the Windows start menu.

accessing Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Then, click on the dots icon and select Downloads and updates.

checking and updating Windows 10 apps to latest version

Click on Get Updates.

updating WhatsApp Desktop app from Microsoft Store

The updated WhatsApp Desktop app should be version 2.2049 and higher.

WhatsApp Desktop app updated

Once it is updated to the latest version, open it. To send Disappearing Messages , select the contact name from the left pane.

choosing contact to send disappearing messages to from WhatsApp Desktop app

Then, click on the contact profile icon from the right pane.

accessing contact profile for turning on disappearing messages

The Contact info window will open. Scroll down and click on Disappearing Messages.

accessing disappearing messages settings in WhatsApp Desktop app

Enable the setting to On.

WhatsApp Desktop app settings for disappearing messages

Once done, there will be a notification about this feature as enabled when sending messages to that contact.

notification about disappearing messages turned on

The contact will also be notified that Disappearing Messages are now enabled.

recipients will be notified about disappearing messages too

They can be turned off by the contacts too from their end.

recipients can also turn off disappearing messages

As with the WhatsApp mobile version, these messages will disappear after 7 days and this feature can be disabled anytime if needed.

All done.

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