RecordCast: A Free Online Screen Recorder

RecordCast is a free web-based tool to record screen, browser tabs and webcam streams. There is no need to download or install it as all of this is done online.

Using RecordCast:

To use it, go to the RecordCast page here.

RecordCast free screen recorder

Then click on Start Recording. There are three recording modes: Screen+Webcam, Screen Only and Webcam.

choosing a recording mode in RecordCast

Let’s take a look at the most common one that is the Screen Only recording. Choose that and select Next Step.

There will be a browser prompt to allow microphone for RecordCast. Select Allow.

allow audio access for RecordCast recordings

If you are using Google Chrome for RecordCast, then you can also record the system audio.

begin recording using RecordCast

There is a limit of recording of 30 minutes per session. In this example, Firefox being the browser used, RecordCast will record only the audio from the tabs and not the system audio. Click on Start Recording button to begin.

Select what needs to be recorded from the browser prompt. It can either be the entire screen or any of the opened browser tabs.

choosing what to record using RecordCast

Entire screen option is selected in this example as it will record everything.

selecting the entire screen option using RecordCast

There will be a notification to share only with sites you trust before starting the recording. Click on Allow to continue.

enable recording the screen using RecordCast

RecordCast will start recording the entire screen. You can pause or stop the recording anytime.

recording in progress using RecordCast

Minimizing the recording window will display it at the top of the screen as an icon. You can then access it anytime.

Firefox indicator icon for recording

Download or edit the recorded videos:

Once the recording is done and stopped, you can download the entire session as a WebM file by clicking on Download.

download or edit the recorded video using RecordCast

The downloaded recordings can be opened in any video player to view them.

playing the recorded video offline using multimedia player

If you want to edit and save it as a MP4 file, you can also use the RecordCast video editor online. To do that, click on Edit and Export in MP4. This will launch an online video editor.

editing recorded using RecordCast video editor

Over here you can add text, add backgrounds, trim the recorded video and so on. You can also save it as a project. For this, you need to sign-up with a free RecordCast account. After that, you can save up to 8 different projects for editing and exporting videos.

saving recorded videos for editing online when having a RecordCast account

A sign-up though is not necessary if you just want to record videos and download them. Simply start the recording session from the RecordCast page and then download the video recording. After that, you can edit offline using a free video editor like Icecream Video Editor if needed.

This is a free and simple online tool to quickly record screen and create small video tutorials and webcasts. Also, all the recorded videos don’t have any watermark added to them.

Do try it out.



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