New macOS Big Sur: Tips And Features

Apple launched the new operating system for its Mac series of computers in 2019. The name macOS Catalina of the new operating system was inspired by Santa Catalina islands found in California.

Apple scrapped the iTunes feature, but the finder’s introduction helps manage the system in a better way. The new operating system takes the advanced apple computer to the next level with a range of new features. Here are tips and features that make it a game-changer in the computing world.

Revamped messages app
In the new message app, you can pin different conversations. It is similar to the feature on IOS 14 but more improved. The user can wrangle group chats using a variety of message effects available. To use it, rearrange the different conversations by prioritizing the important message. Such messages should appear on top for easy accessibility when a new message notification pops.

The new feature also gives you an option to decide to you want to get message notifications. You can also tag someone when the message you pass is addressed explicitly to a particular person in the group. It also has other features like balloons and Memoji, to make the conversations enjoyable.

Control center

Apple, in the new macOS Catalina, the graphical components have been refined to give it a modern look. The dialog box looks different, but if you are a Mac user, do not worry because it works the way you know. There are bound to be Big Sur issues but it’s just part of a new installation on your Mac that you can fix with some quick help.

Moreover, the controlled center that you usually use in IOS has been added to the new feature. It helps you quickly access the Mac controls you need when operating your computer.
Click the control icon on your screen to access the control center. The manufacturer positioned the icon in the upper right of the menu bar, close to the date, to make it visible to the user.

Maps overhaul

Apple utilized technology to its fullest in creating the new macOS Big Sur. the new map application allows you to explore the world from the comfort of your home. Apple added several other locations with finer details that were not present in the older versions.

The maps overhaul includes a 360 degrees camera that uses EV routing technology to enable users to have a clear view of any destination of choice. You can create your guidelines to use information from reputable sources when viewing it on the map. The maps overhaul is vital because if you are traveling, pin the destination to help direct you. All the filling stations are also present on the improved map app.

Notification center
In the new macOS Catalonia, the notification center has given a lift up to make it more efficient to the user. The latest version resembles that of IOS 14 . the data center supports widgets. The feature aims to centralize notifications to reduce the many back and forths when you get some notifications.

Apple Safari web browser

Apple did an excellent job in upgrading the apple safari browser, which had not been improved since its inception in 2003. The upgrade, which is the most notable feature, allows the browser to load the different websites that the user often uses faster. It also has a better tab management system that is more private and easy to use.

The new safari browser ensures that your data is secure. Apple has installed several security measures aimed at safeguarding your information. Websites cannot access your passwords because of the new policies in place.

It is not the new features only that makes the new macOS Big Sur completely new. There are several other improvements to the latest macOS that are meant to improve the user’s experience.

Tips on how to use the new macOS Big Sur effectively:

Setup assistant accessibility

Apple has added some new steps to follow when logging in. use the security protocol when logging in to ensure that your data and computer is safe.

Media menu bar item

When playing music or listening to the audio, use the media menu bar item. It makes controlling the media playing easy. Decide where to place the bar, depending on your convenience.

Tab search field

Use the tab search field when searching for items on the internet. The search field is permanent, unlike in the older versions where it could only appear after you started typing.

Safari cover page customization

You can customize the first page in the Safari web browser to the theme of your choice. Go to settings to initiate background changes. The feature makes browsing enjoyable.

Keyboard shortcuts in reminders

With the new macOS Big Sur, there are several shortcuts that you can use to navigate the relatively longer process when making changes. Set the dates that you want a notification on the reminder to avoid missing any critical notice.

If you are an Apple person, try out the new macOS Big Sur . It has several features that make our computer easy to use.

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