Learn Why You Need To Download Advanced Antivirus Software For Windows

Many years ago, Windows faced constant malicious software attacks such as viruses that would corrupt or delete critical files and folders. In response, users installed antivirus software developed by other companies to protect their computers.

Flash forward to today, and Windows appears to be far more secure than it used to be. Viral threats certainly seem to have decreased, lulling Windows users into a false sense of security. However, it’s now more important than ever to download advanced antivirus software for Windows because of emerging threats and security holes.

Malware Grows More Sophisticated

There are hundreds of thousands of new malicious programs detected every day, and some are more sophisticated and dangerous than ever before. While viruses and worms usually just create chaos, the following threats can result in more severe problems:

• Spyware: This malware is hard to detect because it quietly slips into your system and uses few resources. It’s used by cybercriminals to spy on your confidential information for financial gain.
• Stalkerware: This more advanced form of spyware is used by harassers to stalk their victims and abuse them.
• Ransomware: This malware hijacks your computer and holds it for ransom until you pay hackers through a cryptocurrency.

Your PC is more susceptible to threats than you might think, so when choosing Windows 10 antivirus software, you need to be sure it can crush malware threats and keep you safe. This cybersecurity company’s software also uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to recognize emerging threats based on patterns and keeps you safe from the countless new malware detected every day.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is certainly adequate. It prevents unauthorized changes to critical system and user files and offers basic protection against viruses and other malicious software. However, it lacks the features of more sophisticated security tools and provides a much lower detection rate than leading antivirus software. For example, in a recent review, PC Mag says that it performed poorly in a hands-on phishing protection test and was significantly worse than other antivirus programs.

Phishing, of course, is a potent technique used by cybercriminals to gain access to your online credentials. Examples of phishing expeditions are fraudulent emails, social media messages, and fake websites. If you fall victim to a phishing attack, you could lose your stocks, life savings, credit card balance, and more.

In addition, Windows Security only offers protection and defense against malware-hosting sites on Microsoft browsers. Nothing for Google Chrome, which accounts for 48 percent of overall Internet browser market share in the United States, or Firefox, which accounts for 4%. Remember, cybercriminals love to exploit popular browsers like Google Chrome.

On the other hand, the right cybersecurity tool offers the fastest and safest web browsing experience. It blocks malicious websites, irritating pop-ups, browser hijackers, and browser lockers on popular internet browsers like Google Chrome.

Windows Security Holes

Cybercriminals continue to discover new security holes in Windows and exploit them. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn’t always proactive about patching these vulnerabilities, sometimes taking months to release a critical fix. Advanced antivirus software is a great solution to this problem.

Windows users simply can’t afford to take a chance. Only advanced antivirus software that offers protection around the clock and quickly detects emerging malware threats is the answer.

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