How To Use The Calculator Mode In Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser has a built-in calculator that can perform various calculations and be used offline too.

Here is how:

Open Vivaldi and press F2. This will launch the Quick Commands window. In the input field, enter the calculations to be performed. open quick commands window in Vivaldi

The results will be automatically displayed once done below the typed in inputs.

arithmetic calculations using built-in Vivaldi calculator

These results can be copied to the clipboard by pressing the Enter key. They can then be copy-pasted anywhere as needed.

The built-in Vivaldi calculator supports many scientific functions besides the normal ones.

finding square root calculations using built-in Vivaldi calculator

Calculations involving logarithms, trigonometry, factorials, and hyperbolic functions can be done using it.

various calculation features supported by calculator in Vivaldi browser

Type in the inputs as per syntax to perform the calculations.

trigonometric calculations using built-in Vivaldi calculator

Also, the calculation queries can be stored as Notes too. To do that, click on the Create Note option.

saving calculations as notes when using built-in Vivaldi calculator

The notes created won’t store the results though, only the inputs.

calculation inputs stored as notes in Vivaldi

You can then edit them as needed. Here is how to use them.

editing notes in Vivaldi

These can then be accessed anytime by clicking on the Notes icon from the sidebar. Alternatively, you can access that from the Vivaldi menu > View > Notes Panel.

accessing notes in Vivaldi

This is another useful feature in Vivaldi besides Notes, Clock, and the Break mode.

Happy calculating.

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