4 Useful Features To Know When Using ProtonMail

ProtonMail is great for privacy-focused email communication. It has some useful features that make using it more secure, productive, and efficient.

Let’s take a look at these:

  • Encrypting and scheduling emails: When sending an email message in ProtonMail, you can choose to encrypt and schedule them. This is available even when the recipient does not have a ProtonMail account.

Here is how to use this feature.

enabling expiring email messages in ProtonMail


You can also add a password to these messages after enabling encryption before sending them.

encrypt email messages for non-ProtonMail users


  • Short Domains: By default, the domain for ProtonMail accounts is with the @protonmail.com or @protonmail.ch suffix. If you want to shorten it, then you can enable the Short Domain option.

When this is enabled, the default domain is shortened to @pm.me

enabling short domains in ProtonMail

While this feature is available for free for receiving emails, if you want to send emails with it then a paid plan will be needed.

Here is how to enable it.

  • Custom Filters: You can create effective custom filters in ProtonMail for better inbox management. Using these filters, you can automatically move emails based on the sender, subject text, message content, and attachments to specific folders.

adding custom filters in ProtonMail

This is also useful to block emails that have specific content or are from specific senders, as it helps in reducing spam.

Here is how to add these filters.

Two-Password Mode: ProtonMail supports Two-Password Mode. When this is enabled, you would need to provide two passwords: one to authenticate the user identity which happens online, and the second one to unlock your ProtonMail inbox.

enabling two-password mode in ProtonMail

This decryption happens locally at the device end.

Follow these steps to enable Two-Password Mode.

All of the above ProtonMail features are available for free as well as premium plans. Do try them out.

Happy emailing.

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